re: Deep-Seated Anxieties

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Tom, the WSJ and the other MSM don’t complain about the alliance of religion and war, either. And isn’t it interesting that the commentators never comment on the jail and gang tattoos sported by so many of the “athletes,” even on “religious” campuses like Notre Dame?

I always record games and watch them later to speed through the detritus (that way they’re just right for a 45-minute workout, not a four-hour afternoon). One halftime show I “would” watch?

Today’s teams welcome the gangs that supply the tattoo art for their running backs. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Mara Salvatrucha, sporting the Salvadoran Flag! The Tamaulipas Tigers are also with us, being kept at a safe distance from our MS-13 honored guests by the Army National Guard from our local armory. And, appearing in the end zones chained to the goalposts, we have the Crips, wearing the colors of our host team, and the Bloods, at the other end of the field, wearing the colors of the visiting team.

Please stand for the National Anthem of your choice!

10:52 am on December 12, 2011