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Though this is not exactly news to many of us, the interviewee, author David L. Robb, goes into great detail about how the U.S. military will give technical support and military hardware to movies being made about the military if they are pro-military—but how they will refuse to give technical support and military hardware to any movies that have an anti-military slant. He explains why this might actually be unconstitutional. He also says that the U.S. military uses the pro-military movies as propaganda vehicles for the recruitment of young, impressionable moviegoers.

You can buy a copy of Robb’s book on the subject, Operation Hollywood, here at Amazon.

[Thanks to Travis Holte]

UPDATE: Rob Martin writes:

[m]y coworker tells me that when he went to go see the movie “Battleship” on opening night, there were navy recruiters waiting outside the theater afterwards. Now how did they know the movie would be so pro-military on opening night? I think it’s fairly obvious that there is collusion between the movie industry and the military.

4:47 pm on June 9, 2012