The Burden of Truth and Knowledge

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These days, the enlightened carry a heavy burden of truth and knowledge that, without conscious effort, can be both exhausting and debilitating.  One merely has to look around, read some news, and watch a little television to realize that there is major subterfuge going on.  Knowing that deceit and trickery is around every corner, we are forced to dig deep to examine facts, evaluate actions and derive truthful conclusions based on evidence and fact rather than spin and political innuendo.

Not only is that time-consuming, but that truth and knowledge can begin to eat at our very core, manifesting itself in the relentless and unstoppable pursuit of even more knowledge, more facts and sadly, more acceptance that our world as we have known it is doomed.

Just what exactly is happening to cause this pursuit?  Let us start with just a few examples.

  • A worsening global economy fueled by excess government spending, undeserved entitlements, and a dearth of decent, well-paying jobs
  • The likelihood of massive food shortages within the next three to five years due to adverse weather patterns and droughts
  • The threat of  laboratory mutations intentionally causing a worldwide pandemic
  • Ongoing and insidious use of political and government power to reign in an control the masses
  • False and misleading statistics are taken out of context and being paraded as truths
  • Manipulation of our food supply via misguided bioengineering without due regard for our health
  • The expansion of the super rich, the elimination of the middle class, and the swelling of the working class
  • Propaganda and fear are used to influence where you live, what you purchase and how you deal with healthcare
  • Personal freedoms and liberties are being sacrificed – in the United States, at least – by quiet little Executive Orders that carry a big punch

Need I go on?  I think not since the enlightened are already aware of the malfeasance that attempts to control and manipulate our lives.

Last week I posed the following question on Facebook:

I have been musing with the Survival Husband on the burden of knowledge versus sheeple oblivion. Does anyone else feel it? The burden, that is.

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