A Big Fat List of Essential Oils for Preppers

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The world is a scary place.  It is not as though we are intentionally trying to live dangerously, it kind of, sort of just happens.  I am being more than a little bit facetious when I say that because surely there is more to it than that.  Sure, natural disasters happen without provocation or warning but there are dozens of other scary events that occur that are not-so-natural.  Sickness, war, civil unrest, nuclear Armageddon – these things that are within our sphere of reality.

Rather than fear and cower at the thought of these disruptive and frightening events, we prepare.  This is not by chance.  If you are reading this than you recognize that being prepared and living a preparedness lifestyle is  purposeful and intentional.  It does not happen by accident and it does not happen without of bit of work coupled with time and resources.

Emergency Preparation EOs

I wouldn’t call myself an alarmist, prepper or a survivalist but I do feel very strongly that all who call themselves such, have an important message for everyone.  Too many natural disasters have me paying a lot more attention to being a lot more prepared.

As I said, we’ve seen enough natural disasters over the last 10 years to realize that no one is immune and Mother Nature isn’t selective.  We could be expected to fend for ourselves and our families for some time should the power go out or our water supply gets rendered unfit to drink or, cut off.  What about your family’s health needs?  Ask yourself these questions?

1.  What would you do if your one of your children had an asthma attack and you couldn’t find the inhaler?

2.  What would you do if someone in your family developed a bacterial infection and no medical help was available?

3.  What would you do in the case of a bad toothache and you had no access to a dentist?

4.  How would you handle the stress and anxiety associated with a natural or man-made disaster, economic crisis or act of terrorism?

Here’s an important list of what many essential oil experts consider to be the most important Emergency EOs to have on hand.

Lavender: This is the Swiss Army knife of EOs.  Heals burns, cuts, relieve insomnia, reduces stress, a powerful antihistamine, bug bites, bruises, sleep deprivation, inflammation, sunburn, lice.  Soothing to skin irritations, earache and depression.  Lavender is the number one essential oil to have in your survival kit, in fact I would keep two bottles.

Lemon: known for it’s cleansing ability.  Add a few drops to water to purify (this was suggested in a seminar I attended but I have no proof, however, in dire circumstance, I would do it).  Great for intestinal parasites, dissolves petrochemicals in your body, effective for colds and flu, helps digestive and liver work, gout, sore throat, disinfectant, antiseptic.

Peppermint: effective for nausea, digestive issues, allergies, menstrual problems, reduces fever, increase alertness, focus and oxygen absorption.  Great for headaches, muscle aches.  Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, use for shock, colds, colic and heartburn.

Oregano: effective in treating bacterial infections and yeast infections, relieves back and joint pain, inflammation, cold and flu, kills warts and skin tags, athlete’s foot, effective cleanse for GI health.

Melaleuca: can be used as a first aid ointment, useful for skin irritations, bug bites, athlete’s foot, eczema and psoriasis.  Aids in immune function and supports against throat and respiratory pathogens, helps with slivers in the skin.

Helichrysum: for painful bruising, sprains, swelling.  Stems bleeding. Used to treat shock, help with broken bones, help with allergies, beneficial against infections and viruses.  Excellent for wounds, speeds healing and reduces pain.

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