PA High School Mass Slash and Stab Fest Was Enabled and Facilitated by the Political Agenda of School Officials

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Murrysville, PA – At least 20-people, mostly students have been slashed and stabbed at the Franklin Regional High School here.

The bloody scenario played out for a solid five minutes before an unarmed, contract security guard along with a teacher finally overpowered the assailant, 16-year-old Alex Hribal. Police said Hribal was armed armed with two simple kitchen knives.

Some of the wounded students suffered very serious injuries.  The security guard was himself cut and stabbed during the bloody horror fest as he fought with Hribal.

It’s anything but a secret that Gun Free Zones provide absolute protection for armed and determined madmen.  We all know you can’t hope stop violent armed assaults without superior or at least equal weapons in use by the assailant.

We also know that from time to time these terrible things happen especially in Gun Free Zones.  It is incumbent upon those responsible for safety and security wherever children are gathered to protect them.  They must take reasonable steps to insure events like what happened today at the Franklin Regional High School are stopped cold.

Instead, hysterical and institutional gun hatred ruled and the school refused to retain either armed off-duty cops or armed security officers.

What they did was to waste taxpayer’s money on an unarmed guard from Capital Asset Protection, Inc.  What the school did was simply to hire one more victim or hostage should anything serious happen.  The website for Capital Asset Protection does not offer security guards that are either trained with or carry firearms.

This school mini-holocaust should have been stopped within seconds or only a few minutes with minimal bloodshed.  Had they an armed cop, guard or teacher this event may have never happened because the assailant would have been deterred.

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