George Zimmerman and His Dark Future

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Sanford, FL—We now know that Travon Martin was a drug abusing, burglar and thug doing all the wrong things.  Young Martin selected the wrong person to bully and assault.  That cost Martin his life.

I’m not going to retry the case that acquitted George Zimmerman but the lies from the Martin family, their lawyers, African-American community organizers and the gun rights hating mainstream media fell apart in court.

Now Zimmerman is absolutely broke, shell-shocked and suffering from what he says is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I believe that Zimmerma’s PTSD is associated not with the incident with Martin but by being terrorized by prosecutors, so-called community leaders and media whores.  That vicious assault on Zimmerman clearly left it’s marks.

If Zimmerman is correct that he suffers from PTSD he is in a now category of people that have lost their rights under federal law to possess firearms for life.  He may be able to collect Social Security disability payments.

Zimerman’s life is in a shambles despite his acquittal.  That’s not unusual for self-defense shooting survivors.

Zimmerman rightly says he was made a scapegoat by Barak Obama and his Attorney General.  They shamefully used it to advance their Gun Ban agenda.

Zimmerman says he wants to go to law school.  Having a law license is no guarantee he can make a living practicing law. He says he wants to help people put in cases such as his own.  Those cases are incredibly rare and making a living on them would be nearly impossible.

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