The 25 Most Expensive Cities in America

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U.S. cities with the highest cost-of-living, according to Expatistan.

Expatistan pegs its cost of living index on rent, entertainment, clothing, food staples, public transportation costs and many other variables.

25. San Jose

24. Minneapolis

23. Nashville, Tenn.

22. Tampa, Fla.

21. Detroit

20. Denver

19. Dallas

18. Baltimore

17. Houston

16. Atlanta

15. Pittsburgh

14. Chicago

13. San Diego

12. Portland, Ore.

11. Sacramento

10. Oklahoma City

9. Los Angeles

8. Buffalo, N.Y

7. Seattle

6. Philadelphia

5. Boston

4. Washington, D.C.

3. Honolulu

2. San Francisco

1. New York City

Notes from Expatistan :

NYC monthly rent is $4,078 versus close second San Francisco’s $3,769. One of the biggest differences between the two  cities is transportation; New York City’s being 45 percent more expensive.

San Francisco has a higher cost of living than international cities of Sydney, Hong Kong and Milan.

Boston’s housing is 34 percent more expensive than in Philadelphia.

In Buffalo, NY, a basic dinner out for two in a neighborhood pub costs $90.

Monthly rent is $2,306 and food, housing and clothes are each 21 percent more expensive in Los Angeles than they are in Chicago.

Monthly rent in a 900-square-foot apartment in a pricey area of Detroit is only $1,293.

The cost of living in Tampa, Fla. is 34 percent cheaper than in San Francisco.

According to Expatistan’s cost comparison tool, the cost of living in Minneapolis is 47 percent more expensive than Prague in the Czech Republic.

In San Jose, a furnished apartment goes for $1,505 and a basic dinner for two in a neighborhood pub costs $37.

Reprinted with permission from Economic Policy Journal.

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