Mossberg Rolls Out New Duck Dynasty Guns (That were Announced in June)

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After ending 2013 with controversy, the Duck Dynasty begins 2014 with a bang. Mossberg will roll out 12 new, camo-dipped, Duck Commander guns later this month.

Although the official announcement won’t be until Jan. 14, at the start of the Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show, or SHOT, anything Duck Dynasty related is still making headlines, keeping the controversy and buzz surrounding the family alive.

Only, Mossberg announced the actual agreement with Duck Commander, the actual company owned by Phil Robertson, in June and updated its website at the beginning of November to list the new guns, said Linda Powell, Mossberg’s director of marketing.

The Robertsons have already slapped the Duck Commander branding on a slew of merchandise like stuffed animals, coffee mugs, umbrellas, bobble heads, sweatbands, whistles, duck callers, Segways, socks, T-shirts, cookbooks, jewelry, chia pets, contact lens cases, a Christmas album — the list goes on.

The brand is already worth an estimated $400 million with products available at Walmart, Target, Kohl’s and numerous sporting goods stores, Forbes reports.

The Duck Commander series also expands popular models like the iconic Mossberg 500 and the variants that branch off of that.

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