Taking Stock of My Life Today, Things are positive!

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Earth—This planet we inhabit is quickly getting incredibly smaller.  We travel where we please easier than ever despite the thieves and thugs of the TSA.  When we can’t travel we make wonderful free video calls to our friends even internationally via Skype.com and can send e-mail.

I’m blessed with incredibly wonderful friends here in the USA, Europe and even India.  All of my friendships are threatened simply because because life itself is fragile.  Many of my friends have left me for the hereafter. Many died way too young.

I’m in reasonably good health despite the reality that time is marching and I can’t reverse the aging process.

I’ve been both blessed and cursed with more excitement in my life than most people will ever see.  Surviving a life changing shooting in 1987 and a career that brought me face to face with horrible violence, injustice, tyranny and some really wonderful experiences.   I’m by nature an adrenalin Junkie. I must always be where the action is.

I have had to come to grips with my taking the wrong career direction as a young man.  After my stint as an Army medical corpsman I should have tackled medical school and not surrendered to a fear of advanced mathematics.   I had no parents to help me overcome the difficult financial issues associated with that kind of an education.

Life has thrown me some curve balls and fortunately I’ve not yet struck out.  I’m still carefully watching the ball.

I do regret returning to the USA to live after my incredible military obligation and love for life in Germany.  Those 18 months in Europe were truly the best times of my life.  I learned about kindness, art, music, and some incredibly elegant women.

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