Which Word was Invented in Year of your Birth?

The Oxford English Dictionary has developed an online tool where people can find out which word came into use the year they were born

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If you are a child of the sixties, megastar, chocoholic or mockney could be the best description.

However those born a decade later may be more likely to be a recyclist or brainiac.

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has created an online ‘birthday word’ generator where people can find out which word came into use in the year they were born.

Any birth year from 1900 to 2004 can be searched, and the tool generates the word that had the first known usage in that year.

For example, if you were born in 1962 your ‘OED birthday word’ is blag, whereas for those born in 1968, gasp came into use.

The tool also gives quotations of when the word first appeared.

* For children of 1961, the word chocoholic came into being in when the Pasadena Independent asked: Would you call a person who is over fond of chocolates a chocoholic?

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