The 2013 News Quiz of the Year

It was the year Andy won, baby George arrived and Nigella split from Charles… But how well do you remember the other stories that made the news? Here are 75 questions to test your knowledge – with answers at the end

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1 Joey Essex was hot favourite to win I’m A Celebrity, but went out early. Lady Gaga made her silver-screen debut in Machete Kills (no, me neither). Robert Galbraith wrote a book. Whose is not a pseudonym?

2 “I was Hannah Montana’s mother… Where did I go wrong?” So said which actor, not without her share of controversy in her younger years, and with a certain amount of tongue poking cheek?3 “Nolle timere” were poet Seamus Heaney’s final words, via text message, to his wife. What do they mean?

4 Supermodel Cara Delevingne made her sort-of screen debut in which bestselling video game?Breaking Bad ended after five fantabulous seasons. Fans would go into rapturesas the opening titles rolled, with their credits rendered into chemical symbols. What two elements were highlighted in the series’ title?

6 “I was the Justin Bieber of the 70s. Really. Ask your mother.” Which beschnozzed global treasure?7 In April the Boston Marathon was bombed, killing three people. A week later, an 80-storey building collapsed in Savar Upazila, killing 1,129. In which country?

8 What is Cicada 3301? a) Lidl’s new tablet, b) an internet puzzle or c) the JCB model on which the company is pinning its hopes in Uttoxeter?

9 The first was Legal Steps, the 4,000th was Mountain Tunes. What?

10 “Well, plenty more to come from here. Of course, none of it news, because that will come from Buckingham Palace. But that won’t stop us. We’ll see you later.” That was during the royal birth: later, this broadcasting delight would take to the BBC’s screens clutching a ream of photocopying paper, having “mistakenly” carried it on set instead of his iPad. Who?

11 Whose accoutrement led to its own spoof Twitter feed – Paxman’s beard, or (dear God) Dimbleby’s tattoo (left)?

12 There’s a new Pope, the delightful Francis, who embarked on a no-frills pontiffship to the extent that he drives a 1984 Renault 4 (which surely says a lot about, if nothing else, the power of prayer). Three days after his election, he personally lifted the phone to Buenos Aires to apologetically cancel his daily delivery of what?

13 The asteroid which exploded over Chelyabinsk was the largest natural object to have entered the Earth’s atmosphere since the “Tunguska event” in the same country. In which decade?

14 Who was the UK’s representative at Eurovision?

15 Who brought the “onesie” fad to an abrupt end, at least among all right-thinking souls, by tweeting the fact that he owned one?

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