Venture Capitalist Wants to Divide California Into Six New States, Leaving Silicon Valley Free to Govern its Own Techno Utopia

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Web investor Tim Draper has a grand vision to divide California into six new states, freeing Silicon Valley from the rest of the Golden State.

The plan, which would need government approval, is to split the state into six smaller ones: Jefferson, North California, Central California, West California, South California, and Silicon Valley.

Each new state would have its own government and elected officials, meaning the enclave of Silicon Valley would be free to achieve its techno utopia dreams.

As outrageous as it sounds, the plan has backing from Chuck Reed, the mayor of Silicon Valley’s largest city – San Jose.

The venture capitalist told NBC Bay Area: ‘It’s absolutely appealing to cut ourselves off from the drag of the rest of California.’

While the idea may appeal to many of California’s 38 million residents, if the six-state plan were approved it would come down to government and not voters.

Getting such a measure on California’s wacky ballot will be no easy task … attempts to get initiatives on the state ballot can cost millions of dollars, and often fail,’ Gawker reported TechCrunch as saying.

His plan was met with a mixed reaction on Twitter, with Nuzzel founder Jonathan Abrams tweeting: ‘Tim Draper has idea even sillier than moon colony or seasteading.’

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