8 Life Changing Disasters

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There are at least eight disasters that may soon change life as we know it, and seven of them are already underway. Most of these could cause an early death for millions.

Unfortunately, far too many people are unaware of how serious the situation is. They have the “normalcy bias,” the faulty assumption that normal will continue because it seems to have done so in the past. In actuality, “normal” has been changing throughout the entire life of each of us.

Sophisticated economic, political and social manipulation, the increased damage capabilities of war, widespread pollution and technologies from nukes to nanobots to death ray frequencies that raise the possibility for the end of all life on Earth. It all has made life very fragile and challenging in this era of humanity.

Beyond that, we must understand that there are elitist powers that control the finances, resources and technologies, and run the world’s institutions, that want the vast majority of us to be dead and gone. They think they don’t need us anymore. So they are not trying to prevent these disasters; they are causing or facilitating them.

There is little time to awaken as many people as possible to reality, so they can first protect themselves and their loved ones as much as possible, then work to prevent the worsening of these disasters that could yet unfold, and reverse the aspects in progress.

1 – The Economic Disaster

The international banksters intended from the start of the United States of America to control the finances. It took them about a century to get their agents strategically planted. By fostering the Civil War and manipulating key officials in the aftermath, they got a strong foothold in Washington, D.C. that culminated in the implementation of the Federal Reserve as a privately controlled central bank in 1913.

By allowing the bankers to freely issue our currency then lend it to the government at interest, as well as to businesses and individuals, coupled with the debasement of the dollar by divorcing it from gold and silver backing during the 20th Century, the “fiat” dollar has been reduced in value by 98% in 100 years.

The nation is so deep in debt that we are essentially owned by China, Japan and primarily the international banksters, headquartered in the City of London, Wall Street/D.C., The Vatican and Switzerland.

The mortgage fraud, the shaky derivatives market and the lessening status of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and “petrodollar”, have the financial markets, big banks and even governments on the verge of collapse. If nothing worse, excessive inflation in the U.S. is likely to ramp up very soon.

Warnings are being issued by a number of honest financial experts to minimize exposure in dollar-related assets, such as bank accounts, insurance, annuities, bonds and stocks. There could be a “haircut” tax in the U.S. on assets, as already done in some parts of Europe. In addition, pension funds of all types are vulnerable, including 401(k)s. Most recommend durable assets such as precious metals or land, or asset-backed foreign currencies.

The Great Recession of the last five years could become what trends researcher and forecaster, Gerald Celente, calls “the Greatest Depression”. Economic disaster is a major tool for the roll out of The New World Order Empire.

2 – The Food Disaster

The health of a population is tied to the quality of their food and the richness of their agricultural soil. The Standard American Diet (SAD) has worsened even as understanding of natural health and nutrition has grown over the last century.

Giant agribusiness and food product manufacturers control most of the food supply, with motives of high profit and poor health. The corporate interests guide the consumer to the medical establishment and early death with deteriorating health.

The introduction of heavy reliance on chemical farming methods after World War II, has caused further erosion of the mineral values of our soils and thus the quality of our crops. Weaker plants are more susceptible, so there has been increased use of toxic herbicides and pesticides, and more recently Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), all of which are unhealthy for consumption by people and animals.

Further, the expansion of fast food and junk food as a share of the dietary intake, with all the chemical additives for flavor, color and preservation, has the public consuming a lot of chemicals with not enough good nutrients. The bogus replacement of natural nutritional elements with synthetic lab substitutes is also not good for health.

Meanwhile through techniques of weather control, extremes of drought and flooding, and through manipulation by officials around the world, food supplies are little available to many. Starvation and severe malnourishment diseases, combined with chemicals are being used in the Third World as a faster method of population reduction, than the more subtle method of shortening life with just poor nutrition and chemical toxins that has been employed by the power controllers in modern techno-industrial societies. They now seem to be getting ready to try increasing the death levels with a combination of disasters, including an expanded food availability crisis.

3 – The Health Disaster

The SAD diet in conjunction with purposeful public poisons, including all the chemicals in foods, the chlorine and fluoride in water and the routine spraying of chemicals in the air as part of atmospheric aerosol geoengineering (“chemtrails”), all this has undermined good health for many people. Degenerative diseases that few should have if educated, are very common.

The solutions offered by the pharmaceutically controlled medical establishment have made health much worse. From vaccinations to daily drugs, the health of most of the population has been compromised by this industry.

As a result, people’s immune strength is weakened and far too many are susceptible to whatever pandemic might make the rounds. There are severe viruses and bacteria that have been developed as bio-weapons, and some of these may be used as another tool of massive population eradication by pandemic.

4 – The Mental Disaster

Ignorance, distraction, mass hypnosis, misinformation and staged events such as war, were the primary mind control tools of the powers that be until technologies made it so much easier for them.

Several of the widespread chemical poisons, including fluoride, aluminum, mercury and psychotropic medicines, facilitate reduced intelligence, mass apathy and mind control.

Movies, radio and television have allowed the controllers to reach the masses with powerful manipulative messages, both apparent and hidden. Television itself is a means of hypnotic entrainment.

The educational system was taken over long ago. Public schools were set up for training compliant corporate workers. Only the basics of a few subjects are offered, with much disinformation. Simultaneously, the institutions of higher learning were reorganized influenced by outside funding to center research and emphases around global corporate interests.

After years of development stemming from Nikola Tesla’s insights, Nazi experiments and further secret research programs, psychotronic frequencies are now employed to manipulate minds. RFID chips, cell phone towers, HAARP, nanobots, ELF waves, psychotronic weapons, “silent sound”, “voice to skull”, etc., these terms are the vocabulary of not only today’s surveillance technologies, but also of controlling thoughts, feelings and behavior with electromagnetic methods.

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