Free – Why That’s My Favorite Price!

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Gotta love the ol’ bait-and-switch.

Promise them medical treatment (free medical treatment – or at least “affordable,” as the Obamanauts style it)  and then force them to buy insurance.


So why aren’t you laughing?

Perhaps you are one of the not-dullards who understands that being forced to send an insurance company hundreds of bucks every month –  and thousands every year – is not quite the same thing as securing the services of a doctor (or even a nurse). Much less not having to pay for them.

Awareness is beginning to dawn. People who already had insurance they bought on their own (or secured via their employer on a voluntary basis) are discovering they’ll soon be paying a lot more for it now that it’s been made “affordable” by dint of being made mandatory. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Alas, this awareness has not dawned in time – for it is already too late.

Obamacare is going to be repealed. Because it was meant to fail. That’s just what was intended. All part of the plan, folks.

Baby steps. Never all at once. That’s how things get done in the USSA. The average American wasn’t going to buy into outright government control of medical treatment. The Soviet model.

Not at first, that is.

Sell him “market based health care reform” – Obamacare – as a starter. Get those nasty HMOs (who, curiously, ardently supported Obamacare) in line. Then, when this “market” based on coercion and crony capitalism fails spectacularly, raise high the curtain, turn on the klieg lights and take a bow, Single Payer!

The key is to get the middle class to beg for it. That’s the true object of Obamacare. The sole purpose for which it was designed. To kick out the last rickety support for a total, inescapable government lock-down – not merely of “health care” – but of everything. The smartsters in DC are not incompetent at what they do (manipulate, control). Never make the mistake of thinking otherwise. If they were incompetent, they’d fail sometimes.

They rarely do. Not when it matters.

The underclass is already boxed up. Their primitive mentalities will be – already are – happy with the level of “care” they receive from the good offices of the state. To them, endless waits, accepting whatever they’re given, being talked down to … these things are the norm. Massa in the great house. Shuck ‘dat corn and throw it in the barn. The company town. The ghetto high-rise. One day fades into the next. Pass the Ripple.

And of course, they don’t pay for any of it.

Obamacare’s individual mandate applies to them as much as the estate tax.

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