What the Washington Navy Yard Shooting Really Means…

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There was a shooting yesterday in DC. The details are still sketchy as I write this, but it appears that a deranged man decided to kill other people for some reason. In response, the usual talking heads will be debating whether this is actual TerrorTM or merely something like it. But the T-word will be spoken in the same grave way we speak of cancer – a thing to be dreaded above all else.

Certainly this shooting was a horrible, tragic thing – especially for the families involved. But that said, any talk about an “age of terror” is utter crap.

Terror is NOT worse now than it was before 9/11– it’s just that we’ve been bombarded with fear for more than a decade, creating a culture-wide residue that poisons every mind it touches. In actual fact, you are eight times more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist. Does that mean that we should all have a collective panic attack and beg for anti-police police?

Now here’s the truth they don’t want you to know: You are taught to fear because fear makes you easy to manipulate. If someone is making you afraid, they’re also making you into an easy mark – a sucker.

Think of how many things people have accepted from governments just because they were afraid. Things like complete online surveillance, crotch searches at airports, random searches on the highways, and so on. Do you think those would have been accepted in 1920? Of course they wouldn’t, because people hadn’t been sufficiently frightened at that time.

The Facts About Terrorism

The fact is, there has been terror in every age of human history. Our time is not unusual at all. A small but consistent percentage of people are always crazy enough to kill strangers and blow things up.

Let me give you some proof from a single year:

  • March 6       A bomb being assembled by terrorists explodes, killing 3.
  • April 8          47 children are killed by (peacetime) bombs from a neighboring country.
  • May 4            Soldiers kill four American college students.
  • May 8            A huge mob of construction workers in New York attacks protestors.
  • May 14          Police fire on a crowd at a college, killing 2 and injuring 12.
  • June 9           A bomb explodes at New York police headquarters.
  • July 12          Two canisters of tear gas are thrown into the British House of Commons.
  • August 7       Terrorists take a judge hostage in California, then kill him.
  • Sept. 1           An assassination attempt on the King of Jordan.
  • Sept. 6          Terrorists hijack four airplanes on flights to New York.
  • Oct. 5            Terrorists kidnap a British diplomat.
  • Oct. 10          Terrorists kidnap a Canadian Minister. He is found dead a week later.
  • Nov. 25         Terrorists seize the headquarters of Japan’s Defense Forces.
  • Nov. 27         An assassination attempt on the Pope.
  • Dec. 3            A major government caves and releases 5 terrorists.
  • Dec. 4            Spain declares martial law.
  • Dec. 7            A Swiss ambassador is kidnapped.
  • Dec. 13          Martial law is declared in Poland.

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