That's a Suite Ride! It Looks Like the Inside of a Private Jet but this is Actually the Inside of a Humble Mercedes Van

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From the outside, it looks like just an ordinary van. But hidden within are a list of mod cons and luxury appliances that would make even the most houseproud jealous.

A luxury car customising company has unveiled its latest creation – a van which has been turned into a five-star hotel-style suite.

Lexani Motorcars has created the Reale which is an armoured Mercedes-Benz B6 Sprinter.

The company based in Corona, California, calls it the ‘ultimate’ in personal security. 

The stunning inside area is dripping in the finest fixtures and fittings to make it the ultimate mobile home from home.

It is lined with Alcantara suede and features handcrafted fine leather seats, a galley kitchen, luxury lavatory with ceramic toilet and gold-plated sink, marble floors, and even a hidden coat rack. 

The luxurious, one-of-a-kind Reale looks unassuming from the outside and could pass as an ordinary van.

But the interior design features only the finest bespoke accoutrements rivalling those found in high-end yachts and private jets.

Since its launch in 2010, Lexani has provided custom vehicles for professional athletes, Hollywood stars and government officials around the world.

A spokesman said: ‘Each coach is meticulously crafted using only the highest quality materials, furnishing, and carpentry, with incomparable attention to detail.’

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