“Don’t Run, Willie!”

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There was slick Willie. He ran for President. Twice. He won. Twice. Now his wife is thinking of running.

Then there is unslick Willie. Washington insiders want him to run for Congress.

Yes, it’s Willie Robertson, CEO of Duck Commander, the nation’s largest duck call company. He is one of the stars of Duck Dynasty.

Do I watch Duck Dynasty? You bet. I said why months ago.

It turns out that the Congressman from his district in Monroe, Louisiana has had enough. He will quit next month. That will force an off-year election. Some political activists want Willie to run.

Why? He would have to expose himself to the pressures of a political campaign. What if he wins? He will have to give up the family business. He have to will leave Duck Dynasty. To do what? To be the lowest man on the totem pole in Congress. He will have to learn about sitting in obscure House committees.

Also, no more duck hunting.

If ever a man should skip politics, it’s Willie Robertson.

Tell them no, Willie.

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