Obama Plays God, and Political Correctness is his Weapon

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We’ve seen children pray to Obama, families burst into tears of thanks for government provisions, and most importantly we have seen society bend to the will of political correctness. Let’s be clear, the government is an artificial God to the brainwashed masses — and it’s not a new phenomenon. 

Today, the government stands as a false replacement to God, and political correctness is the intellectual weapon of choice for ‘peacefully’ altering public perception. This is the kind of government that has superseded anything written in Orwell’s 1984, moving past the blatant physical nature of telescreens and thought police and instead altering the very culture of society itself. Because as think tanks have discovered, a ‘peaceful’ form of intellectual takeover is much more effective than a Hitler-style military blitzkrieg.

Because at the end of the day, the people still believe that they are free. But in reality, the Big Daddy government has incrementally placed itself as the central nervous system of a collapsing society that now suckles upon its tit for basic subsistence. After all, you didn’t build that, Big Daddy government did.


You’ve undoubtedly been exposed to the current welfare state of the nation via radio, television, and online reports, but the welfare state is just the beginning of Big Daddy government’s ascension to a counterfeit higher power. While there is most certainly a push by the Obama administration and its handlers to offer out welfare like candy to those who would rather collect government handouts than perform a relevant task to society, there are much deeper tentacles of the federal government that are wrapping themselves around the pulsating heart of the republic. Actions that are obscured from typical nightly news reports.

And we have seen this throughout history with collapsing societies that deny the existence of a living God and fill the biological desire for a higher power with that of a runaway government. The notion of establishing government and its cronies as the replacement to God is actually an ancient one, though it took thousands of years before the prominent Marxists of the Soviet Union turned it into a formula. In fact, they dubbed the idea ‘God-Building’.

A concept that, whether intentionally or not, we see a hyper-modernized version of each and every day.

The premise of ‘God-Building’ was and is simple: humans, by nature, do very much so hold a desire for a higher power. A natural understanding that there is more to life than meets the eye, and that their actions do in fact count. For years, politicians going back to Roman heads of state have struggled with attempts to remove this desire from the common man. Because after all, how can you rule a population through absolute dictatorship and public servitude when the populace has a strong moral system that does not allow for them to throw their fellow man under the bus or visualize the leader as a divine power.

It simply cannot be done effectively, as leaders in the past have discovered through repeated attempts to do so. That’s why one Russian Marxist within Lenin’s close circle of power hungry think tanks knew that the Soviet Union had to be different. Taking this process and forging it into a methodical instrument of psychological warfare, it was the pre-revolution member of Lenin’s party, Anatoly Lunacharsky, that would help shape Communism’s world-view focus around the idea of a ‘new religion’ where government was God.

Under this new hyper-Orwellian ‘religion’, Lunacharsky spun the concept as one that is based in ‘science’ and abandons ‘supernatural beliefs’. This was the beginning of calculated God-building, which is based on the notion that the love of Big Daddy government as a God figure is highly ‘scientific’ and the original realization of a living God outside of government is ‘old tradition’. Now interestingly enough, Lenin was on the official record actually claiming that he was against Lunacharsky’s concept, going even further into the previous ideology that any form of religion should be abolished – no ideology should exist outside of the state.

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