What’s Next for Zimmerman in The Way of Prosecution and Litigation? Real Answers!

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Sanford, FL- Media pundits have suggested that George Zimmerman faces a possible federal Civil Rights criminal prosecution and a wrongful death civil lawsuit.   I have to ask, when will the hogwash end?  These are incredibly vicious but hollow threats.

Let’s talk about a criminal Violation of Civil Rights action.  The facts are not there nor have they ever been outside of the wild imagination of the race baiters. The actual code, Title 18, U.S.C., Section 24 is at the bottom of this article.

The case against Zimmerman will not somehow get better with age.  It’s been investigated to death and the only evidence of race related hate came from Trayvon Martin’s own lips when he referred to Zimmerman as a “crappy assed cracker.” A prosecution here cannot begin with thin air but will require evidence.  It’s just not there.  Public opinion can’t rewrite the law to law somehow snag Zimmerman now.

A civil action for a wrongful death under FL state law is barred by a provision that grants immunity to someone using lawful self-defense.   I won’t go so far as to say some lawyer may breech this protection however it’s unlikely.

If somehow a wrongful death case were allowed to proceed the Martin family would still have to prove their case in court with evidence, granted with a lower burden of proof.  The insurmountable problem for the Martin family is the cost of the suit and the reality that Zimmerman has no assets to attach.  We outlawed Debtor’s Prisons long ago and even a multi-million dollar court judgment would have the value of toilet paper.

George Zimmerman already has a viable action against NBC News for portraying him in a bad light after they maliciously doctored a 911 tape to make Zimmerman appear to be racist.  NBC is in serious trouble here and will wind up paying.  They will be hoping for a jury that will hate Zimmerman and only award him $1 for his trouble.  Frankly a hefty secret settlement is in the cards for Zimmerman here.

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