Technology and the American Summer Insurrection of 2013

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Sanford, FL—Okay I said it.  I just don’t see this any other way.  I really hope I’m somehow wrong.  Unfortunately, history supports all of my fears.  What’s past is prologue, always.

Our nation has never been so racially divided or hypersensitive.  The George Zimmerman prosecution has not been able to deliver to the jury the venom and hype the media and the Whitehouse promised.  The allegations of a race based stalking style murder of an innocent lad have been exposed in court as pure baloney.

That Martin/Zimmerman case was a simple instance of justifiable homicide resulting from the use of very necessary deadly force to stop an attack by an athletic young thug.

It is now more than clear that Trayvon Martin used a sidewalk as a deadly weapon in his effort to murder George Zimmerman by bashing out his brains. Zimmerman will be finally cleared shortly.  The ignorant masses are not watching the trial, just the verdict.

That case is really as much or more incendiary than even the Rodney King case.  The big difference is today’s Information Age.  Barack Obama convinced and inflamed millions of African-Americans that Zimmerman was guilty.  The Internet has spread this vile poison far and wide.

Accordingly Florida brought a seriously flawed criminal case forward that they knew would never survive in court.  It happened because of raw and malicious political pressure.  That has put millions of African-Americans on edge.   If the many thousands of tweets and other Social Media threats are any indication, America’s big cities are going to see a major bloodbath.

The police will quickly lose any hope of control because they have lost their edge.  It past riots and insurrections police has always had exclusive use of portable communications devices.  They could easily coordinate tactical peacekeeping efforts via two-way radios.

The police have virtually no experience dealing with rioters with absolute communications parity.  The thought of this is really frightening.  I know that police academies have not really found a way to teach cops how to tactically or otherwise effectively  deal with hostile groups armed with relatively new communications empowerment.

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