Hate Crimes Indeed

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Now that a jury has considered the best evidence the State of Florida could offer against George Zimmerman, and that it did not prove that Zimmerman was either the aggressor or an intentional killer, the left has a problem.  It invested what little credibility it had entirely in using George Zimmerman as a distraction from the horrific violence in black communities.  The consequence, we were told before and have been told since, is that it is open season for non-blacks against blacks, and this case exemplifies how dangerous it is for blacks when they merely buy Skittles or wear a hoodie.

We are forever being told by the left about how awful this country is for anyone who is not white.  Blacks are being gunned down in the streets by non-blacks.  Except they’re not.  Muslims are being discriminated against wholesale, and are afraid to leave their homes.  Except they’re not.  Gun owners are violent crazies bent on mass murder, except they’re not.  Christians are trying to force their religion on us.  Except they’re not.  Tea Party members are racists and violent.  I believe the Breitbart reward for evidence of the accusations of tea party racism remains unclaimed, even in this day of cell phone cameras and video.

At the root of these accusations is hatred by the left of its political and ideological enemies.  They hate the lot of us.

Certainly there are some dim bulbs who actually believe the lies, but we all know that blacks are not being gunned down in the streets by non-blacks anywhere in this country.  What made the Zimmerman case so useful to the race-baiters and hate mongers is that it was, unfortunately, the only example which presented itself despite years of decrying endless, violent, and invisible, racism in our country at large.  And, as Eric Holder has said before and since the Zimmerman verdict, we must not waste the opportunity for that “honest” debate on race which he has been avoiding since 2008.

Indeed, lethal non-black on black violence is so infrequent a phenomena in this supposedly uber-racist country with a black president, that when it became clear that the facts were not quite as the hate mongers could wish, it became necessary to distort them to fit the narrative that would then be spoon fed to the left’s mindless cult members.  What happened in Florida might have been a hate crime, or many, but not in terms of what George Zimmerman did.  The racial hate crimes were committed by the left, as usual, and they are so numerous and offensive that they render anyone protesting the Zimmerman verdict appear beyond “ign’ant”, in the angry words of the Rev. Sharpton.

The left’s first disappointment came when Zimmerman turned out not to be white, and not Jewish, since we know how the Rev. Jackson and the Rev. Sharpton feel about them.  Thus, it became necessary to make Zimmerman a new being, born just for this case: the White Hispanic.

Once it started to become clear just what sort of young man Trayvon Martin had become in life, it became necessary to portray him with complete and utter dishonesty in death.  Instead of being the fully grown 17 year old thug flashing the middle finger, or the trash-talking punk his social media entries show him to be, or the person caught with burglary tools and women’s jewelry, or the dope-grower seen in photos, or the guy who punched a school bus driver, we were treated to an endless lie of Trayvon Martin, the sainted child who was only buying Skittles.  His younger, angelic face was displayed incessantly, even after more recent photos and exploits surfaced, making clear the left’s deceit.  Trayvon Martin was not the person the left needed us to believe he was for their new and improved racist murder narrative.  Isn’t it ironic that Martin turned out to be exactly the kind of person Zimmerman feared was casing his neighborhood?

Similarly, George Zimmerman was not who the left needed him to be, so NBC did what NBC has done so often in the past in service to the left.  With malice, they created the falsified evidence they needed.  Their manipulated 911 recording suddenly was played to the entire country.  There. Now George Zimmerman was undeniably a racist.

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