Zimmerman Verdict Spurs an Outbreak of…Temper Tantrums?

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While Hollywood and the media puppets play their harps, write their poetry, and weep gracefully over the Zimmerman verdict, riots erupt across the United States.

Except, as any mom or dad who has ever raised a child through the toddler years will recognize, they aren’t really “riots” but temper tantrums.  It is like a bunch of hungry, overtired children, melting down and having a big, screaming hissy fit.

Basically, these people who are angry about the Zimmerman verdict are stomping their feet, running around, shouting, crying, and breaking things…just because they’re mad.

They are doing absolutely nothing that will effect a change, nothing that will increase their own credibility, and nothing that will prove to the world that they are right and the Zimmerman jury was wrong.

Wouldn’t peaceful protests with large numbers of citizens standing in unity get across the point that they are trying to prove with more clarity?  Aren’t these people trying to show that an injustice was done, that Zimmerman should not have been fearful of Trayvon Martin?  By rioting through city streets, threatening and hurting innocent bystanders, aren’t these “protesters” proving the complete opposite of their alleged point?

With this complete lack of dignity, you can’t even call these actions “protests” – you have to call them what they are – temper tantrums.  Here are a few examples.

From Los Angeles

Several protesters ran into a Wal-Mart store and knocked down displays before store security chased them out. Police began guarding the door.

Tonya Williams was shopping with her daughter when the protesters burst in and security briefly locked down the store.

“We thought we were going to be stuck in there,” Williams said. “We saw the merchandise all thrown around. They had pulled the rack down, and there was merchandise all over the floor.”  (source)

From Pennsylvania:

In Chester County, Pennsylvania, police are investigating graffiti on a building before it was set on fire: “KILL ZIMMERMAN.” Firefighters were called to the scene of the fire at ProSigns, a company manufacturing commercial signs for business, and found that phrase spray-painted in red on the front of the building. The firefighters put out the fire without significant damage. The fire has been ruled arson. (source)

From Oakland:

Dozens of demonstrators briefly blocked all lanes of Interstate 880 at the tail end of rush hour, stopping traffic in both directions for several minutes before lanes were cleared by authorities. Several protesters laid their bicycles on the ground in front of stopped cars.

“You’ve got to go. You will go to jail,” one police officer shouted at demonstrators who were blocking traffic, the Oakland Tribune reported. However, police decided not to make arrests as the marchers, chanting “Justice for Trayvon Martin,” were directed back to surface streets.

Later, another group tried to march up the onramp to Interstate 580 before being turned away by Oakland police and California Highway Patrol officers. (source)

Also from Oakland:

There were scattered reports of vandalism — including Dumpsters pulled into the street — but not at the level of destruction that happened Saturday night when numerous downtown businesses had windows smashed or were covered in spray paint.. (source)

Across the San Francisco Bay area:

 A BART police car parked outside the 12th Street BART Station had its windows smashed, and protesters spray-painted “F- the police” and “Kill Pigs” on the side of the vehicle… The crowd later moved away from the intersection and headed east on 14th Street, stopping at a McDonald’s restaurant shortly after midnight to burn several flags and to spray-paint “Kill Zimmerman” and “FTP,” an anti-police epithet, on the side of Alameda County’s Rene C. Davidson Courthouse. (source)

Reporters were also a target in Oakland…but why?  Those are the people who were there to do what the protests were allegedly supposed to do – get the story out about the outrage at the verdict:

…a small number of Oakland demonstrators — some hiding their faces with bandanas, as demonstrators did during the Occupy Oakland melees — turned violent late Sunday, setting upon an Oakland Tribune photographer and KTVU cameraman with kicks and punches.

“I’m OK, but protesters had our photog on the ground,” Bay Area News Group reporter Natalie Neysa Alund tweeted a little before 11:30 p.m. Sunday. “I tried to get them off him. An #SFgate photog came to the rescue — 1 camera is destroyed.”

Shortly afterward, another reporter with the news group — which publishes the Oakland Tribune, Contra Costa Times and San Jose Mercury News — followed up: “Just patched up my assailed colleague. He’s shaken but not stirred. Should be ok. Senseless.”

A KTVU tweet said that news agency’s cameraman was also “attacked by masked protesters.” (source)

Some of the riots resulted in serious harm…but what is the point of injuring a person because of the color of his skin? Isn’t that what the “protesters” are protesting against?

From Baltimore:

Real estate agent Christina Dudley said she was walking to her car just before 9 p.m. when she saw several young black males and two black females chasing a 37-year-old Hispanic man west on North Linwood Avenue past East Fairmont Avenue.

“One of the boys had a handgun out and it was pointed at the back of him,” Dudley said in an interview.

They caught up to the man at the corner of Fairmount and N. Streeper Street, and the male with the gun beat the victim with what appeared to be his gun while others kicked and stomped him, Dudley said.

“They were just yelling and calling him names as they ran after him, but once they were hitting him and after that they started yelling, “This is for Trayvon, [expletive],” said Dudley, who heard the chant repeated multiple times. (source)

From Mississippi:

A man who says he was jogging alongside of a road when three black men abducted and beat him claims the alleged attack was in retaliation for George Zimmerman’s acquittal, police in Senatobia, Miss. told Fox News.

Police Chief Steve Holts told Fox News the alleged victim, who is white, was jogging Sunday night along Highway 51 when, he said, the suspects pulled over and ordered him to get inside their car.

“One of them asked, ‘Do you know who Trayvon Martin was?’” Holts quoted the man as saying.  At that point, the men in the vehicle allegedly attacked him.

The man, who the chief described as a young resident of  the area, was treated  at a local hospital.

Memphis television station WREG reported the assailants allegedly told the victim, “This is for Trayvon.” The television station and The Democrat newspaper reported the jogger was badly beaten and later dropped off on a road between Senatobia and Coldwater, Miss. (source)

So, clearly, it should be judged a hate crime when George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, but tit should be considered an act of protest when they beat up a bystander “for Trayvon” , selecting their victim just because he happens to be white or Hispanic.

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people who are peacefully protesting the verdict, as is their Constitutionally protected right to do.  Unfortunately, the positivity and unity that they are trying to convey is being overridden by a bunch of kids having a tantrum. As Ted Nugent wrote, “Martin Luther King Jr. is rolling over in his grave that he sacrificed his life for the cause of judging people by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin, as so many of his own race carry in in self-destructive behavior while professional race mongers blame everything on racism.” (Check out his essay on the subject of the Zimmerman verdict HERE.)

The people participating in this big national melt-down are actually doing more to vindicate George Zimmerman’s actions last February than the jury did when they acquitted him.  They are, without direct provocation, destroying property, committing arson, beating the daylights out of people because of their skin color, and purposely attempting to incite fear.  They are perpetuating the racial stereotypes they claim to be railing against.

So, judging by these childish and vicious tantrums, why wouldn’t people be feeling rather suspicious?

Someone needs to take away their spray paint and their matches, and then send them to their rooms so the adults can have a conversation.

Reprinted with permission from The Organic Prepper.

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