Memo to President Obama: My Short List of Qualified Candidates To Replace Ben Bernanke

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Dear President Obama,

I note your recent comment that Fed chairman Ben Bernanke has served as chairman long beyond the period he had desired to serve. Given the erratic monetary policy that has gone on during the period he has been Fed chair, including periods of massive monetary inflation, I would argue that the ideal number of days for him to have served as Fed chair would have been zero. But that is water under the bridge or, more accurately, trillions of newly printed dollars ago.

The Bernanke era has truly set the economy up for dangerous times. If another Keynesian economist is named as Fed chair, the likelihood is that a massive price inflation may ultimately result, as they are likely to add even more fiat dollars to the trillions already outstanding. What is needed is a Fed chair of sterner stuff, a Fed chair who will say “Stop” to the printing presses and throw away the key. Having studied monetary policy through out my career, I am impressed by the work of the following and consider them among the very few who have the courage and understanding to do what is necessary and stop the current monetary policy printing madness. It is my short list of individuals I view as qualified to handle the Fed chairmanship and who I am confident would work to ultimately leave the Fed buildings to the four-legged rats.

  1. Ron Paul
  2. Joe Salerno
  3. Lew Rockwell
  4. Walter Block
  5. Richard Ebeling
  6. Gary North
  7. Peter Klein
  8. Doug Casey
  9. Mark Thornton
  10. Bill Anderson
  11. Tom Woods
  12. Karen De Coster
  13. Chris Rossini
  14. Bob English
  15. Danny Sanchez

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