High Crimes

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It is SOP for police, FBI, and all sorts of private corps. and military orgs. to work with criminals to achieve their own criminal goals. We all remember how our Pure President Ike Eisenhower set up a CIA assassination black ops. unit to work with the Mafia to murder foreign heads of state the U.S. found unseemly. Nixon, of course, was Ike’s liaison man with that special ops. murder unit, which was a crucial reason the CIA wanted Nixon hit in the Watergate crimes, to shut him up by getting rid of him.

Of course, an even bigger reason they wanted to get rid of Nixon by setting him up with McCord and all the Plumber arch criminals from the CIA and FBI was to prevent his getting a real détente with the Soviets. No Soviets, no big terror to push the American ignorati into supporting more power and money for the CIA, FBI, etc.

The con is simple. The Big Criminals feed little criminals and innocents to the cops, FBI, etc., in exchange for protection of themselves from the cops, FBI, etc. It works that way up and down the System. I and fellow investigative researchers stumbled on it decades ago in studying crime and the police. It was especially rampant in drugs and DEA ops.

The Boston FBI, like the local Boston police, were more exuberant in their high crimes than most local agencies, but probably less so than in Daley City [Chicago] and maybe Philly.

As we all know, the Boston Mafia and local pols. gave us our first openly Mafioso President, JFK. Jack’s father, Joe, made his vast fortune working with the Chicago Mob running booze in Prohibition, then was appointed head of the new SEC by FDR so he could milk the Big Time Criminals for Big Money.

Once you know how the System works at all levels, with local variations, you can spot the ops. behind the lies and BS right away. When Obama appointed a son of the Irgun and totally corrupt politics in Chicago and national money hatchet man for the Demos. as his chief of staff, BINGO. BO has been obvious from the beginning. JFK was obvious to those in the know and a friend of mine at Harvard in Ted’s class told me crucial things about the Kennedy boys, but I was naive and it went right by me. It was only Vietnam and then intensive research that woke me up so I could see the light. I once was naive, but now I see the light.

And that was in spire of growing up in the rackets in Miami, where I could even see my mother paying off the Sheriff’s Deputies for Al Yost, a mobster who had built his fortune in the La Paloma Club before he got sent to Atlanta for a 20 year vacation, came back and turned the old club into a huge bookie and wire outfit that my mother fronted for as bar maid to hide what went on in back of the bar. Any local cop in the know knows what’s going on, so they have to be on the payroll.

But I did not know that was true in the White House until Jack opened my eyes. So when you see the Bushes and all their successors in the U.S. hob-mobbing with the Sheiks raking in hundreds of billions through Opec monopoly pricing, you know the score, if you’re in the know and can see the light. Just open your eyes and believe what is obvious.

The Best of Jack D. Douglas

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