Are the Conspiracy Theorists Who Say TWA Flight 800 Was Shot Down Right? Flimmakers Claim Jet That Crashed Over Long Island Killing 230 Was Hit By Explosions OUTSIDE Aircraft

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A new documentary featuring interviews with six whistle-blowers claims that the official explanation given for the ill-fated Trans World Airline Flight 800 crash in 1996 is wrong.

The flight crashed off the coast of Long Island 17 years ago, killing all 230 people on board in what is the third-deadliest aviation accident in U.S. history.

The official explanation given by the National Transportation Safety Board was that the crash was caused by a gas tank explosion, but the documentary gives ‘solid proof’ there was an external detonation, its co-producer said.

Many eye-witnesses claimed they had seen a streak of fire heading towards the plane before it crashed. Theories have suggested it was a missile strike from a terrorist or U.S. Navy vessel, and that the incident was subject to a government cover-up.

But now the producers of TWA FLIGHT 800, which premieres on July 17, the anniversary of the crash, on cable network EPIX, said they have more than just eye-witness statements to call on.

‘Of course, everyone knows about the eyewitness statements, but we also have corroborating information from the radar data, and the radar data shows a(n) asymmetric explosion coming out of that plane – something that didn’t happen in the official theory,’ Tom Stalcup told CNN’s New Day.

He said many witnesses said that there was an external force and ‘there’s no evidence’ of the explosion in the center wing tank. He added that none of the witnesses had been allowed to testify.

The producers are submitting a petition signed by former investigators calling for the NTSB to reopen its investigation, based on the new evidence, Stalcup told CNN.

Among the skeptics who worked on the investigation are Hank Hughes, a senior accident investigator, Bob Young, a TWA investigator, and Jim Speer, an accident investigator for the Airline Pilots Association.

‘We weren’t allowed to talk about the TWA 800 investigation when we were inside,’ Young said. ‘We had to retire first. That took a while.

‘What [witnesses] told us doesn’t fit the mechanical failure scenario that was presented to the public at the end of our investigation.’

The documentary features interviews with these key members of the original investigation team, who now claim that their investigation was systematically undermined.

‘This team of investigators who actually handled the wreckage and victims’ bodies, prove that the officially proposed fuel-air explosion did not cause the crash,’ said the film’s producers.

‘They also provide radar and forensic evidence proving that one or more ordinance explosions outside the aircraft caused the crash.’

The whistleblower team claim that at the time they were placed under a gag order by the NTSB, which they charged falsified the official conclusion of the cause of the crash, reports Fox News.

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