The Fashionable Way To Lose 10lb in Twelve Days: Eat MORE Fat

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The hot new word in fitness is Educogym.

Their 12-day programme is designed to make you lose body fat, increase muscle mass, speed up fat-burning metabolism and make you feel great.

It works in three steps personally tailored to you: focus, train and nourish. They favour high intensity training and a high fat, low carb diet.

Our writer Collette Lyons tried it out and loved the results, but she won’t be going near avocados again any time soon…

‘If you’d like to know where half the staff of the UK’s glossy magazines spend their mornings, I’d suggest you sign up for Educogym.

‘They’d probably rather you didn’t know about the programme that promises you’ll drop a dress size in 12 days – partly because the Harley Street gym is so small you could barely swing a pair of trendy trainers in it.

‘Before my first session, I’m weighed and measured. I have 36 per cent body fat (I’m told 25 would be ideal), and I’m a stone heavier than I’d like to be.

‘My sports bag rattles with all the supplements I’m handed to support my diet and speed up weight loss – iron, magnesium, creatine and amino acids.

‘Overseen by the instructors, I’m to do 15 minutes of weights a day, then 80 sit-ups to speed up my metabolism and ensure I lose fat, not muscle.

‘Then there’s the diet – it’s all sugar and carb free and based completely on fat (with green vegetables at lunch and dinner).

‘My 12 days are an orgy of steak, eggs, avocado, nuts and cream cheese – in specific ratios of protein to fat.

‘The theory is that fat keeps the body’s insulin steady and helps you burn more.

‘But on the third day I get such bad shakes that I can barely get out of bed and have to cancel training, and by the fourth, the mere sight of an avocado is enough to turn me the same colour as the fatty fruit. I am advised to eat only when I am hungry.

‘But without the blood sugar rollercoaster of carbs, I simply don’t have an appetite. I bin breakfast and exist on two meals a day.

‘It does play havoc with my social life – there’s no alcohol allowed, and you get some very funny looks if you ask a waiter for 120g of steak and 85g of Philadelphia for dinner.

‘But after 12 tough days, I have lost 10lb (7lb of which is pure fat), and around 2in off my hips, stomach and back.

‘Was it worth it? Obviously. But I will never eat an avocado again.’

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