Are You a Nacho, a Tomato or a String Bean? New Research Reveals the 7 Different Shapes of Modern Man

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The 21st century male takes one of seven different forms, according to new research.

The poll, carried out by menswear retailer Jacamo, identified the seven new shapes that represent the changing figure of the British male.

These shapes have been defined as nacho, pear, string bean, tomato, brick, snowman and cucumber.

Almost half – 49 per cent – of men identify themselves as pear-shaped and carrying a little extra weight around the middle.

One in six – 15 per cent – believe they’re a sleek straight up and down cucumber, while the rounded tomato represents ten per cent of the male population.

Just one in twenty – 5 per cent – see themselves as the broad shouldered, slim-waisted nacho.

And only 4 per cent of men polled describe themselves as a string bean – very skinny – or a snowman – rounded around the tummy with a figure like a figure of eight.

The once pear-shaped Ricky Gervais was voted the male who best represents the average British man securing one in eight votes.

On average, British men rated themselves distinctly average in the looks stakes, with most saying they scored five out of ten for attractiveness.

Glaswegian men are the most confident with 15 per cent scoring themselves eight or higher out of ten for attractiveness – the national average being just eight per cent.

Sheffield was found tot be the nacho man capital of the UK, with one in ten describing themselves as the sought after shape.

Brick-like Robbie Williams came a close second with one in ten votes, followed by cucumbers David Beckham (9 per cent) and Freddie Flintoff (7 per cent).

According to the poll, women would rather snuggle up with a nacho – someone with broad shoulders and a tiny waist – than anyone else.

The study also showed that a staggering 72 per cent of men hate their physical appearance.

Almost half want to change the way they look and lose weight.

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