The 7-Minute Workout That Is as Beneficial as a Long Run and a Weights Session – But You Must Be in PAIN To Reap Benefits

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A seven-minute exercise regime devised by scientists has been shown to provide as many health benefits as going for a long run and doing a session of weight training.

The workout requires no more than a wall, a chair and seven minutes of your time.

However the experts say that you must be in pain when performing the regime in order to benefit.

The Seven Minute Workout: The new exercise regime is very prescriptive in terms of the exercises you should do, the order in which you should do them and the length of time spent between each

The article, entitled High-intensity circuit training using body Weight: Maximum Results With Minimal Investment, is published in the American College of Sports Medicine Health & Fitness.

It outlines 12 exercises that uses the body’s own weight to get the same amount of exercise as doing a long run and session of weight-training in just seven minutes.

‘There’s very good evidence that high-intensity interval training provides many of the fitness benefits of prolonged endurance training but in much less time,’ Chris Jordan, director of exercise physiology at the Human Performance Institute in Orlando, and co-author of the new article, told the New York Times.

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