I'm Dropping Out of College

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Selling Price: $125,000.00
Ended: April 10, 2013 06:30 PM PDT
Number of Bids: 3



My first year is nearly complete and I’m left with one feeling… burdened.

I go to a good school, with good teachers, and have made some good friends but to be $1,000’s in debt to be taught things I already know or things that have no application to the real world… it’s not worth it, not for me.

Yes, a degree is vitally important for some (doctors, lawyers, etc.) but for someone who’s been coding since she was 12, the value isn’t worth the investment.

I can continue to learn and grow independent of a formal institution as I’ve done for the past several years or I can spend a great deal of time and money to go through the process of earning a piece of paper that will likely provide me no more value in the world than what I can accomplish on my own effort.

So how can I justify the cost of college?

I can’t, so even if it’s to the disappointment of my parents, after this term my college career will come to an end.

So what’s next?

Last year I helped my mom find an assisted living home for her mom.

It was an awful experience and one that lead me to create a map based senior living search engine, Senior Living Map.

It’s been a fun free time thing but it’s something I want to make it a full time thing.

I want to see what can become of the site if 100% of my time and energy is devoted to it.

How will I pay my bills?

I’ve decided to sell 10% of my (after tax) income for the next 10 years of my life.


I’m realistic enough to know that as a 19 year old female, with no proven track record, I have about a 0% chance of finding someone to invest in Senior Living Map.

So to up the stakes, I’m offering a piece of me.

I can’t guarantee Senior Living Map will be a success but I can guarantee that I will be.

So instead of asking you to “bet” on my first venture, I’m asking you to bet on me.

I’m asking you to bet and believe that in 10 years time, 10% of my income will be your best investment.

Bid now :)

~ Sarah

Questions I’ve been asked:

Question: How do you plan on getting investors aware of this?

Answer: I collected the contact info of 1,000 investors from angel.co and sent them each a message.

Question: Where do you live?

Answer: Seattle

Question: If I won the auction, when will I receive my share of your income?

Answer: Monthly, quarterly, or yearly… whichever you’d prefer.

Question: How can I trust that all your income is disclosed?

Answer: My tax form. You can view it to verify that 10% of my after tax income has been allocated to you.

Pickup Instructions: Not specified

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