Americans Need Better Legal Protection From Government Criminals

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They say DNA and fingerprint evidence does not lie and that’s for the most part a correct statement. However those government officials involved in the investigation, collection, preservation and examination of evidence occasionally do some horrible things. When that happens often it is a perfect crime, because proving such a case is almost impossible.

In 1990, Shirley Kinge was convicted in an arson/murder case that where four people perished. The investigator involved was truly a Golden Boy, New York State Police Trooper, Robert M. Lishansky. He was an 11-year veteran of that agency and considered one of their brightest and best investigators.

Lishansky was lifting prints from plain paper copies of filed inked fingerprint cards with standard lifting tape and then claiming he lifted them at crime scenes. At crime scenes latent prints are made visible by dusting them with a fine black powder that sticks to the latent print oily material. The tape is then placed on a white card and the latent print can be clearly observed, photographed and classified for comparison with the prints of potential suspects.

The prints “collected” by Lishansky always looked identical to those normally found at crime scenes. However under special, non-routine scientific analysis the chemical makeup of the black material was copier toner, not fingerprint dusting powder! Lisansky walked into courtroom after courtroom and gave perjured testimony with a straight face destroying lives along the way. Lishansky was schooled in the frame-up procedure by his police supervisor, David Harding.

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