Prison Farm Freedom

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Imagine your ancestors had an idea to win freedom. They wrote a letter to King Farmer G3 and then rebelled to escape Prison Farm G3A. They renounced their identification as belonging to G3A. They gave birth to a place guaranteed in writing to never be a prison farm again. They proudly called it U5A, land of the free.

Unfortunately, the written guarantee didn’t work. Today U5A is a prison farm even worse than G3A was. You are sized up and counted in the prison farm census. Most of your productive output is legally stolen by prison farm taxes and fiat money debasement. You are legally groped and radiated by prison farm guards as you travel with your mandatory radio ID chip. All of your web searches, emails and phone conversations are legally recorded and examined for signs of rebellion. If an overseer labels you a combatant, you are legally murdered by a flying robot.

Would your ancestors be proud of U5A today? No they would not. Would they repeat their rebellion to win freedom with another written guarantee? To repeat the same actions again and again hoping each time for a different result is the definition of insanity. Your ancestors were not insane. And neither are you. But what can you do? Is there any way to win at least some freedom when, like every human on the planet, you live on a prison farm? Yes there is.

True, when you travel to other prison farms you must cough up your Prison Farm U5A RFID-embedded booklet to the border guards. But when you are meeting a new foreign friend, and they ask “Where are you from?” do you need to volunteer: “I belong to U5A.”? No. Instead, you can free your mind of the prison farm. Imagine responding, “I live in North America on the north Atlantic Ocean. It is beautiful there too.” You are free to do this.

When fellow passengers on the bus to work take in news about the latest maneuvering of U5A overseers and their friends, do you need to do the same? No. Instead you can free your mind of the prison farm. After April 15, imagine a whole week of ignoring U5A overseers. Imagine not watching or reading a single news story about the U5A supreme leader or his overseer commanders. You are free to do this.

When your co-workers are discussing U5A politics, do you need to join in? No. Imagine changing the subject instead. You are free to do this.

Is it important to learn about the border history of U5A and other prison farms in the world? No. What is a border anyway? Have you ever seen one? What if you were the victim of a criminal gang protection racket? Would you want your children’s school to teach them the history of competing crime families and the extent of their turf over the years? No. Similarly, you can free your mind from the prison farm and let others study and debate the world history and tricks of aggressive prison farmers. While you’re at it, imagine one world currency: gold. Imagine one world without competing prison farms – and without one big prison farm either. Imagine not being a prisoner. You are free to do this.

When explaining the latest aggression of U5A to others, for example the latest invasion of a distant prison farm, do you need to use the collective pronoun as in “We are sending our soldiers to fight.”? No. Instead you can free your mind of the prison farm. Imagine not willingly associating yourself with the crimes of your prison farm overseers. You are free to do this.

When many of your neighbors, especially those receiving weekly shares of the stolen loot, sing and wave flags celebrating Prison Farm U5A, do you need to do the same? No. Instead you can free your mind from the prison farm. Imagine skipping the fireworks and going camping with your children instead. You are free to do this.

When you are exhorted every four years that it is your duty to choose between two smiling U5A overseers in an election, do you need to vote? No. Instead you can free your mind of the prison farm. Imagine not helping to legitimize a prison farm as it threatens violence and steals from you and your neighbors. You are free to do this.

You live on a prison farm. You can leave Prison Farm U5A and live on a different one, but you cannot really leave. Should you be pessimistic? Sure. Maybe U5A will stay a fearsome prison farm for another century. Should you be optimistic? Sure. Maybe U5A will little by little lose power and wither away.

Many things are outside your control. But your mind is not outside your control. When you have the choice, practice forgetting about the prison farm. Each time you do this, the prison farm loses a little more of its power. You are free to do this.

Arthur Martin McCannell Krolman [send him mail] is the founder and president of a medical device company based in Boston, MA. Visit his website. He is also the author of The Scary Story of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Box of Free Money.

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