The Running Man … for Real

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by Eric Peters

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How long will it be before they actually start shooting us from helicopter gunships a la The Running Man?

In that movie, Arnold Schwarzennegger plays Ben Richards — pilot of a gunship who actually refuses to spray a crowd of helpless people with his mini-gun. For his refusal to be brutal, he is turned into a contestant on The Running Man, where he must fight for his life against a series of gladiators for the amusement of the crowd.

Is it not amazing how predictive so many mass-market films have proved to be? Only in this case, the real-life ‘copter pilots are itching to mow us down. See, for instance, the recent “drills” in Florida and Texas — video seen below, for instance- where civilian areas were overflown by military choppers firing blanks. To train them. More precisely, to acclimate them to the idea of raining death down on Americans.

Everything’s ramping up; you have to be willfully oblivious to not see it.

And here’s the latest: In this video above, a woman is seen committing the highly suspect and probably terroristic act of taking a walk in the San Bernardino, CA desert, just off a major highway….from the vantage point of Officer Unfriendly in his taxpayer-funded whirlybird. The airborne enforcer menaces the woman from above, repeatedly buzzing her at treetop (if there were any trees) altitude before setting his ‘bird down like it’s Vietnam all over and the only thing missing is speakers blaring Ride of the Valkyries. He struts forward authoritatively — suited up just like Lt. Col. Kilgore in his special costume. You know, the one that gives him sanction to brutalize people. Which he proceeds to do:

Ihre papierien, bitte! he barks. And also the inevitable was machst du hier? Cue menacing tone — and expectation of supination.

Submit! Obey!

u201CJust exploring and picking up rocks,u201D the clearly frightened and (understandably) angry woman responds.

When the woman then explains that she doesn’t have ID — and why the heck should she? She’s not driving, after all… she’s merely walking about and not on private property or restricted property, either. But going for a walk is now apparently suspicious. Sufficiently suspicious to justify (in the minds of these real-life Lt. Col. Kilgores) a combat-style landing followed up with a proper rousting. Not just ihre papierien, bitte! (and please, stop it already with the canned niceities; there’s no choice for us in the matter) . The thug also performs a Fourth Amendment-free physical search (without consent) rummaging through her purse and ordering her not to put her hands in her pockets.

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