Gunfight, Tyrannical Politicians Against American Liberty

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Las Vegas, NV – I spent some quality time with an incredible assortment of firearms of every type here at the SHOT Show. When that ended the very upscale Las Vegas Antique Arms Show at the Rivera Convention Center was my next stop. Between the two shows there were nearly 100,000 people. There were no assaults, accidents of even disturbances of any kind. Crime takes a holiday in Las Vegas with all these gun-packing visitors.

The mood at the shows was angry and even confrontational about suggestions that liberty and freedom be compromised away or surrendered for the bogus promise of public safety.

Today’s Americans are more educated than ever about gun rights and why we have them in the first place. The Second Amendment guarantees our right to keep and carry firearms. It exists to fundamentally allow Americans to use force and violence against anyone trying to violate those Constitutional freedoms! That simply means politicians, bureaucrats and their agents may lose their lives should they try and make an end run around liberty or freedom.

There is a proper political method for taking liberty or freedom by way of a Constitutional Amendment. The process was designed to be very difficult to protect even Americans with minority concerns.

Too many Americans are totally ignorant and believe that a simple 51% majority is enough to restrict our hard won freedom. Of course Europeans that don’t like our gun freedom don’t understand why changing our Constitution was designed to be so difficult.

The consensus among those that don’t like our gun rights is that the Second Amendment is somehow outdated. The Constitution is the Law of the land and the emotional response, whims or tyranny of our politicians cannot lawfully bring infringement on our rights to possess and carry firearms. So-called, good intentions simply do not justify or authorize violating American’s rights.

People and politicians love to compromise their way to agreements. Over recent decades many Americans have grown to accept blatant violations of the Civil Rights when is comes to firearms. That however does not make the past infringements legal!

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