If Your Child Were Being Taught History by This Teacher, Would You Pull Your Child Out of School?

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by Gary North Tea Party Economist

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The president of the victorious teachers’ union in Chicago gave a speech last year. In it, she said that American labor leaders – meaning trade union leaders – in the late 19th century were willing to kill the rich: “Off with their heads.” The crowd laughed.

This is utter nonsense. The Knights of Labor and other trade unions were not revolutionary. That was special about North American trade unionism. It was a bread-and-butter movement. The unions wanted better working conditions. The Communists never did organize any major union.

She then went on to say that today’s rich people want to kill workers.

Consider the median pay of Chicago’s teachers before the 2012 Chicago teachers strike. It was around $71,000 a year, meaning payment for 8 months’ work.

This woman knows nothing about American trade union history. She is fanning the flames of class hatred.

Why would any conservative allow his children to be taught in a school system run by teachers who would elect this woman as president of the union?

But they do. They will not pull their kids out. “It’s not too bad,” they say. On the contrary, it is very bad. “Ideas like hers are not representative.” Then why is she the president of the union?

What will it take to persuade parents to pull their kids out?

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