The Vigilante Take on Sandy Hook

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If you live in the USSA, you've been inundated by media on the shooting in an elementary school. While this obviously was a horrible event, I would like to interject some rationality into the discussion.

First, it has been so nice to be in Europe for most of this media frenzy as I have not been inundated with emotional reactions to a complex event. Let's get a few things out of the way right now. This event was not because guns exist. If there is any more proof for this, it was that on the same day, in China, 22 kids were stabbed via knife in a very similar event. 

Second, isn't it funny how armored cars ALWAYS and banks OFTEN have a non-public/police armed guard to protect fiat currencies…but schools NEVER have a private armed guard to protect something much more important to people (their own kids). Maybe I'm just a bit too logical with my anarchism and non-collectivtist thinking, but I am amazed that all the sheep who are so afraid of guns and who would be appalled at the idea of free market armed guards protecting their children, are completely okay when they see an armed guard standing at the door of a bank or carrying bags of money into the bank. I shouldn't be so surprised at how warped their thinking is, especially at this point in my life, but it's hard not to be when these brainwashed people start yelling their nonsense after tragedies like this last one.

By the way, the lack of real protection is yet another reason to avoid putting your kids into child prison day camps (schools) where they can so easily become target practice for some deranged shooter hopped up on prescription pschoactive medication. These camps are very, very dangerous places…and that's besides all the propaganda, indoctrination and hazing they will receive there.

Third, allow me to point out that, thanks to the fact that the main dream media and the government in the US are in charge of almost all information that we really have no idea of what really happened there. We do know that many children were killed. That is about the extent that we can really know. There are definitely many questions, however. Just like with the Colorado Batman movie shooting there were plenty of reports of a second shooter.

Beyond that, much more dangerous than guns, are the pharmacheutical poisons being prescribed to tens of millions of US citizens. This list was put together by (see here):

An autopsy concluded that Columbine killer Eric Harris had the SSRI antidepressant Fluvoxamine in his bloodstream at the time of his death.

  • Jeff Weise, who killed nine people and himself at a Minnesota high school in 2005, was taking increasingly high doses of Prozac at the time of his spree.
  • Robert Hawkins, who killed eight people and himself at an Omaha mall in 2007, reportedly had been on antidepressants at the time of his shooting. He allegedly had taken antidepressants since he was six years old.
  • Seung-Hui Cho, who killed 32 and wounded 23 at Virginia Tech in 2007, had been prescribed Prozac and had previously taken Paxil for a year, but he apparently had ceased taking his medication at the time of the shooting.
  • Andrew Engeldinger killed five people and himself after being fired from his job in 2012 (just half a quarter mile away from where TDV editor Gary Gibson was writing at his house in Minneapolis). A police search of Engeldinger's house revealed he’d been prescribed the antidepressants Mirtazapine and Trazodone, as well as the insomnia medication Temazepam.
  • Eduardo Sencion, who killed four people and himself with an assault rifle at a Utah IHOP in 2011, was a paranoid schizophrenic whose medications were changed during the summer prior to his attack.
  • Robert Kenneth Stewart, who murdered eight people at a North Carolina nursing home in 2009, submitted to a blood test that revealed he had Lexapro, Ambien, Benadryl, and Xanax in his system at the time of his spree.
  • Steven Kazmierczak, who killed five people and himself on Valentine’s Day in 2008, had allegedly been prescribed Xanax, Ambien, and Prozac, although according to his girlfriend he had stopped taking Prozac prior to the massacre.
  • James Eagan Holmes, who shot up a Colorado movie theater in July, reportedly took 100MG of Vicodin before the shooting. He had also allegedly seen three school psychiatrists prior to his attack. Although his psychiatric records are privileged information, in his mug shot he appears to be medicated up to the eyeballs.

And Adam Lanza, slayer of over two dozen people on Friday, appears to have had a classic pair of Medication Eyes himself. He was also reportedly "troubled" and possibly "autistic." A neighbor of Lanza’s claims he was taking medication.

Where is the outcry to ban pharmaceuticals? Imagine if all these killers had been smoking plants like marijuana or coca? The outcry in the media would be deafening.

Beyond that, though, is the question of relevance. Approximately 1,500 people are murdered every day. Many of them at the hands of Nobel Peace Prize winner, Barrack O'Bomber. Do you cry every day for all of them? Or is it because you aren't told by your media programming not to that you don't?

We are now at a world guesstimated at 7 billion humans. Even 100 years ago, that amount was closer to 1 billion. As numbers increase and as the amount of global media increases, we will hear of horrendous stories almost every day… just as a matter of simple math.

As these numbers continue to increase horrific events will appear to be happening by the hour… and will further enable the media and the powers that be to sell the populace on how dangerous the world is becoming and how you need to be disarmed from self protection to survive. The truth is that we, as people, have probably never been more safe and secure. Statistics indicate that the total population of chimpanzees (humans – monkeys with pants) was 370 million in 1350. So numbers alone have increased 2,000 percent in the last few hundred years. Not to mention that you would never hear of a mass killing even 500 miles a way during that time.

Do not let the extrapolation in numbers fool you into thinking the world has become far worse. In contrast to 1350, the world has become infinitely better. Keep some semblance of reality and realize that and also look deeper into the real causes of any problems in the world we live in today.

Jeff Berwick [send him mail] is an anarcho-capitalist freedom fighter and Chief Editor of the libertarian, Austrian economics grounded newsletter, The Dollar Vigilante. The Dollar Vigilante focuses on strategies, investments and expatriation opportunities to survive & prosper during and after the US dollar collapse.

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