How the Stars Survive Hangovers From Hell: Get Nigella Lawson and Denise Van Outen’s Top Tips for New Years Day

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by Flora Bradley-Watson and Charlie Lankston Daily Mail


The bad news is there’s no cure for a hangover. But that doesn’t mean the majority of us won’t wake up with one in two days’ time.

Most will reach for painkillers and the coffee pot, but what of the other tried-and-tested remedies?

Who better to consult than celebrities who need to ensure they not only feel better but look red-carpet-ready after a heavy night. Here we speak to the stars to discover how they cope the morning after the night before.

DENISE VAN OUTEN 38, TV presenter

My quick fix is a banana, a can of Coke and a stroll on our local beach, Camber Sands in East Sussex.

KATIE MELUA 28, singer

The old Soviet countries have some weird hangover cures, such as a raw egg swallowed in one and ‘sodium water’ drinks, but I’m not a fan of that so I prefer a full English breakfast or a dirty burger – really fatty plus plenty of chips, Coke on the side and HP sauce.

LEN GOODMAN 68, Strictly Come Dancing judge

Drink at least a pint of water before you go to sleep. Always lock the wardrobe in case you confuse it for the bathroom. If on waking you are hung over, two pickled walnuts and a glass of Ribena will either kill or cure you.

Take a brisk walk in the fresh air to the nearest pub and consume exactly 50 per cent of what you had the night before. This won’t fully alleviate the symptoms but you’ll definitely feel better. Also, a warning: with each two units of alcohol consumed, a person of the opposite sex gets ten per cent more attractive.


Try my Eggs in Purgatory recipe. I’m not saying that New Year’s Day has to mean you have a hangover, but after that evening of almost-enforced carousing, this dish of eggs cooked in a fiery tomato sauce can feel like heaven.

JAMES MIDDLETON 25, brother of Kate and Pippa

I go for a run, then have a cappuccino and a piadina (an Italian flatbread sandwich) from La Bottega delicatessen in West London. It seems to do the trick.

ANDY SERKIS 48, actor

I find a really nice big hill and do some fell running up it. You get that combination of cold mountain air and burning lungs, so it is a great cure for a hangover.

BRIAN MAY 65, Queen guitarist

Cure for a hangover? Don’t drink too much. It took me a long time to learn, but I did in the end. I drink but not to excess – there’s just no point. I don’t like that feeling in the morning. It’s not worth it.

NANCY DELL’OLIO 51, lawyer

I like to eat oysters and drink very strong espresso when I have a hangover. If you know you have had a heavy night, you should sleep with all your make-up on so when you wake up you still look fantastic. I am a strong believer in mind over matter. If you believe you don’t have a hangover, then you won’t.

ERIN O’CONNOR 34, model

I love – and can’t live without – Pukka Detox tea. It works every time. They also do an organic Clean Greens range, which is fabulous.


My cure for a Christmas hangover is Chartreuse liqueur, which is distilled alcohol with 130 herbal extracts. My mum makes a homemade version, which cures all ailments. However, if you can’t get hold of this, I’d recommended good old-fashioned Alka-Seltzer.


Gentle exercise – some press-ups and push-ups. Put on some soothing or jolly music to feel better. And drink green tea and goji berry juice.

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