How To Make Your Own Natural Cleaning Products

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We know that exposure to toxic chemicals can lead to health problems. Unfortunately, some toxic chemicals are found where they’re least expected- in common, cleaning products. Ammonia can burn, bleach can irritate the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. Why use this stuff? Though most retailers do offer organic cleaning products, you can take it a step further and make your own and save a few dollars. Homemade, organic cleaning products are a safe, natural alternative to toxic cleaning products. The poison control number is on the label for a reason. In fact, The National Poisons Information Service in Britain recommends parents keep the cleaning products just as securely locked up as the alcohol.

The Need to Adopt Non-Toxic Cleaning Protocols

Reducing exposure to toxins is a process that happens in bits and pieces and you always need to be working at it. The consequences can be dire. Evidence already suggests exposure to certain chemicals may aggravate respiratory reactions. Removing toxic garbage, that shouldn’t even be sold as “safe for household use” is of greater importance when pregnant women or young children are involved. Some studies have been launched into examining the effect of cleaning products in hospitals on staff, who are constantly exposed; a possible relation to asthma has been discussed.

Avoid Products with Toxic Ingredients

Adopting green living methods in your home is more important now than ever before. Chemicals such as Triclosan are common in at-home cleaning and hygiene products, yet has been fingered for many problems, including increased incidence of asthma. It’s not unusual for products to be introduced as safe and later recalled as unsafe; no surprise, adding chemicals to your living space can have disastrous consequences.

The Alternative

Making your own natural do-it-yourself cleaning solutions provides your home with an eco-friendly cleaning that is gentle and powerful, without the chemicals or toxic fumes. Check the contents under your sink or pantry and you’ll likely find the economical, nontoxic ingredients that work alone or in combination to effectively make your home shine!

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