OOMG! Txts Make u gd at Writing? Srsly? How ‘Text Speak’ Can Help Pupils Write Essays

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by Anna Edwards Daily Mail


Many have branded text messages as the bane of modern-day writing, claiming that the widespread use of abbreviations and slang is chipping away at basic writing skills.

Yet a study by a research team for the Department for Education has found that text messages, blogging and social media can actually help hone the skills of youngsters.

The report found that ‘blog owners and pupils using a social networking site reported to be significantly better writers compared to pupils who don’t use blogs or social networking sites.’

The report, called ‘What is the research evidence on writing?’ was penned by the Education Standards Research Team from the Department for Education and looked at the impact of technology on writing.

A small-scale study investigated the links between text message abbreviations – called textisms – and school literacy outcomes on five classes of pupils aged ten to 12.

The report said their study ‘found no evidence that a child’s development in written language was disrupted by using text abbreviations.

‘On the contrary, the study found evidence of a positive relationship between use of textisms and word reading ability.’

The report’s authors claimed that they had evidence that showed a positive relationship between textisms and spelling.

They said it could be because text messages require pupils to have an understanding of sound structures and syllables in words.

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