Old Fashioned Vibrating Belt Machines Could Improve the Health of Obese People – Even If They Don’t Actually Lose Any Weight

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by Amanda Williams Daily Mail


They have until now been seen as ‘the lazy option’ for those hankering after a slimmer physique, but without the hard work.

But it seems the vibrating machine could really hold the key for overweight people when it comes to improving their health – even if it doesn’t mean losing weight.

Tests carried out by New York researchers has shown the machines could offer significant clinical benefits for obese people suffering from a wide range of immune problems related to obesity.

A study published online in The FASEB Journal found that low-intensity vibrations led to improvements in the immune function of overweight mice.

Researchers say if the same effect can be found in people, it could lead to a number of clinical benefits.

Study author, Clinton Rubin, from Stony Brook University, in New York, said: ‘This study demonstrates that mechanical signals can help restore an immune system compromised by obesity.’

To make the discovery Rubin led a team which fed a group of adult mice a high fat diet for seven months to make them obese, significantly damaging their immune and skeletal systems.

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