28 Ways a Laminating Machine Can Help You Get Prepared

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In this video I share how easy it is to use a laminator, something you probably already knew! However, until I started pulling out those laminating sheets and scouring the house for various documents, I didn’t realize how many uses there were for that machine!

Here’s the video, which also reviews the Fellowes laminator, followed by my list of 28 things to laminate!

  1. Photos and a personal information sheet of each family member and pet in case of evacuation or lost child/pet
  2. Local wildlife ID cards
  3. Chore lists
  4. Evacuation checklist
  5. List of items for your emergency kits/bug out bags
  6. Medication lists – who gets what, when, and how much
  7. Insurance information (house, car, life, health, etc.)
  8. Whiteboard pages – Put one in each kid’s emergency kit along with a dry erase marker.
  9. Vehicle maintenance checklist
  10. Vehicle emergency checklist
  11. Laminate one emergency card per person. Include name, photo, description, medical info, and identifying marks.
  12. Maps for evacuation with routes marked
  13. Important contacts, including phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses

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