I Finally Started Smoking

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Hello from beautiful Acapulco,

Everyone has there place and this is truly mine. I was just walking down the street with a glass of wine, smoking a cigarette and… well, actually I should mention something about that.

I finally started smoking! I’m so happy about that. I tried when I was younger but when I was in my teens and twenties I was not in very good health. As I just mentioned, everyone has their place, and when I am here… with the sun, every day of the year, it builds up your immune system immeasurably. When I lived in northern Canada, the sun was always this little white light in the distant horizon for most of the year. It’d peer down to me as though to say, "What are you doing living here?" And that’s if you could even see it at all, through the clouds, rain, snow and hail. I was almost constantly sick. Even when I visit, I look around and everyone is a grey color. Here, with the sun and all the locally grown, mostly organic produce and meat, it is almost impossible to get sick. I think the last time I heard someone even cough here was never.

So, I just couldn’t start smoking while I lived there. Even one cigarette felt like it was going to kill me. I’ve since experimented with electronic cigarettes and snus. Both had their moments but I felt like I was missing out. Smoking, of almost all activities, is hardwired into us from thousands and thousands of years of practice. I wanted to participate in that tradition. But, something has happened of late, a switch just clicked and now I am nearly a full smoker. I only tend to smoke when I drink… but that is nearly all the time anyway, so I’m good.

One of the funnest parts has been collecting all the government mandated scare propaganda on each pack. Here’s just one hilarious one, just for your entertainment.

That wouldn’t be allowed in the USSA. Boobies are illegal to see… But in Panama, it’s allowed. Even if they turn one of the breasts into an ashtray. I have a friend who collects these and puts them on his fridge.

I remember once I was with my Thai girlfriend in Myanmar… and there they haven’t started putting these on cigarette packs yet. When she saw a cigarrete pack without disgusting, horrific images on it she got so excited. At first, I didn’t understand. She said, "You know how much I can sell these for in Thailand?" I just looked at her with a blank stare. She then said, "The people there are so superstitious that they’ll pay double or triple for a cigarette pack without propaganda on it." She bought a few cartons and sold them to her friends at a nice profit. God bless entepreneurialism.

Even still, when some people I know hear that I have finally started smoking, they say, "You are going to die if you smoke those!"

I just look at them, again in confusion. Are they under some misconception that no one ever dies?

Even still, I figure, if it is true, and I will die of cancer, it usually takes 20-30 years before the cancer sets in. And, ignoring for the moment that there are numerous natural remedies that destroy cancer on contact (hemp oil, for one), at 41 years of age I’ll maybe get cancer and die in my 60s or 70s. Good, I think. I have no intention to be here forever.

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