Why Pay Big $$$ To Get Frisked, Fondled and Insulted by TSA Thugs?

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In my early adulthood going to a Bears game at Chicago’s Solider Field with girlfriends included a small bottle of brandy and a blanket. The blanket was used to keep warm while concealing certain enjoyable other mischief during the game.

Back then going to a major sporting event was a lot of fun. However in recent decades sports teams and certain venues have begun an effort to frisk patrons.

I hate this despicable effort frankly we’ve fought wars so we’d never have to submit to this kind of crap. The majority of patrons are too young and just don’t understand the serious implications of what they are willingly accepting.

At first this was about bringing alcohol into the venue but quickly expanded looking for snacks and finally for concealed weapons. Private security guards who avoided being too invasive or authoritarian did the searches. Frankly it was more about revenue for their food service contractors than anything else.

I have little interest in going to sports events because of the cost, miserable traffic, and parking issues. Technology has come to my rescue! My terrific big screen high definition LED flat panel television allows me to see the games at the best possible vantage point.

My snacks at home are better, a lot cheaper and don’t involve standing in concession lines. Frankly I take great delight in staying home and avoiding all of the negatives involved while I lounge on my own very comfortable furniture.

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