The Minibar Whiskey May Be Urine and Why You Don’t Want To Drink From the Glasses: Staff Dish Hotel Secrets

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Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a hotel you’re staying in and how to get the best out of your time there?

A discussion on online community site Reddit has revealed a series of gripes, handy tips and confessions about things to look out for by hotel workers.

It followed a question posted by user Smadisond on Tuesday. The site user asked: ‘Hotel staff of Reddit, what is something that hotels keep from their guests?’

1. Whisky is yellow… but so is urine

Among the tales were a hotel worker in Sweden telling how she stumbled upon a guest’s sneaky attempt to dodge a minibar bill – by refilling an empty whiskey bottle with urine.

Current and former hotel staffers from around the world contributed to the discussion on Reddit.

2. Suspect stains… gone with a quick wipe

One employee told how in training she was directed to simply ‘wipe’ a suspicious white stain off the duvet with a ‘damp cloth, until you can’t see it anymore’.

The traumatised hotel trainee’s advice was steer clear of anything but the sheets.

3. Dirty hotel room glasses? Rinse in bathroom sink and dry with pillow case

One former housekeeper admitted to simply rinsing glasses in the bathroom sink then drying them with a clean pillow case – and that was only if they looked dirty.

4. Hair, hair, everywhere

A hotel maid said her major gripe is when guests leave behind an almost unimaginable amount of hair. Especially when it ‘just keep coming’.

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