Non Fishin'

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by Brian Wilson

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“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for one day. If you teach a man to fish, he can feed himself for life.” Yes, there is a whole generation of youngsters who have never heard that old chestnut. This blind spot of ignorance is liberalism, “if you only give a man a single fish, he will have to vote for you to get another fish tomorrow.” But this is only half of the formula for successful politics.

If you make a man dependent on you, he will come to hate you. You must convince him your handout is his rightful due, his "entitlement". This is what Obama was doing with his “you didn’t make that on your own” speech. He was telling the useless welfare slugs all success in this world comes from them. And they believe it. They cheered! They believe cashing government checks and spending food stamps makes our economy. They believe Microsoft and Apple couldn’t have happened without them. They believe their welfare checks pay for road and bridges. In a word, they believe they are indeed “entitled.”

This is why Obama went “Whoa Nellie!” when his removal of Work from Welfare went public. His slugs need to believe "Potato Chip Consumption; Sofa Venue" is Work. They need to believe someone who starts a business just found a way to get more out of government than mere food stamps. They must never find out Obama has turned them into something less than men. Their phony self esteem must remain intact. They are the masses to whom the graffiti, “Who is John Galt?” was written. Men who have produced nothing but claim the right to what I have done.

A man does need self esteem to survive but it does not come from a bottle, needle or government check. Self esteem comes the old-fashioned way: you earn it. It cannot be given. It cannot be stolen. Self esteem comes from proving yourself in this world. Not from the soft, soothing words of Liberals leading you to the holding pen.

The Constitution was written by free men for free men, willingly accepted by free men. It was never a document for moochers. Today, Obama and his whores trample on our compact between generations.

Obama’s whores are not limited to a white house once torched by the British. Obama’s whores live up The Hill They rape Liberty under a dome capped by a statue of Freedom. Obama’s whores live in the hallowed, marble halls of the Supreme Court where men without souls castrate our Rights with the scalpel of stare decisis. They live in the corner offices of the auto industry and the headquarters of organized labor. They are the failures of fraudulent "green" jobs and American jobs. Obama’s whores are the crony capitalists, corrupt politicians and worthless moochers. Obama’s whores are the legion who put Evil into public office.

This end game isn’t really a plan. While there is one rich psychopath bastard that thinks this is all his idea, there is much more to this world than he understands. The problem for a narcissist is not knowing he isn’t the biggest dog in the junkyard. When he goes to mark territory, he's likely to lose a vital member.

Most of our world is the predictable result of liberal policies. Vote ourselves free money and the government goes in debt. The government prints money to service the debt. The money becomes worthless. People sell apples on corners. Smart people with hard money just have to bet on where the dominos will fall. With the Fools on The Hill who needs a conspiracy? Obama is a conspiracy of one out to destroy America.

Romney is proving himself to be every bit of McCain as predicted. The man has been publicly accused of three felonies and comes back with… zippo. Someone remind me again why Romney was the only "electable candidate".

Brian Wilson [send him mail], nationally ignored talk show host and occasional LRC un-indicted co-contributor, is currently annoying miniscule audiences in a number of markets from his technically challenged studios safely outside the dictatorship of Toledo. Brian may be endured from 3p–6p at

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