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I don’t care where you live on this planet history is constantly being made. You can either, observe and trust your memory or capture events forever on a quality camera. Trust me making videos pays!

I’m a believer in using the raw power of capturing moments that will otherwise be lost forever, especially when there is no discernible cost involved. When in doubt I shoot video with the best camera I have available.

When it comes to video the rules are simple, hold the camera as still as possible, get as close as possible to your subject and let every shot roll for at least 15 seconds. Keep the camera rolling gathering more video not less! Only use the zoom when you can’t come in for the close-up. Tight zooming without a steady tripod increases camera shake dramatically and shaky video is trash.

Always shoot the video horizontal and never vertical. Your video needs to conform with our wide screen TV sets.

The other thing you need to do is ask questions to the subjects your shooting on video. Here is an example, you are shooting video of person being placed in the back seat of a police car. You can quietly shoot the video or ask the suspect, why is he being arrested? He may try to convince you his actions were justified or confess to a crime. Whatever he says to you is always pure gold! Keep them talking! Smart cops won’t interfere with your questions because they know that the more a suspect talks the more they will incriminate themselves.

Getting up close is the only way you can get good audio when using a camera’s on board microphone. Trust me, you need good audio. Professionals use wireless hand-held or Lavaliere clip on microphones kept close to the sound source. You will be okay with you your on board microphone as long as you stay close as possible.

The latest versions of the IPhone and IPad come with amazing cameras for both still and video photography. You can easily and professionally edit what you shoot in the $5.00 IMovie app. IMovie even provides titling, music and sound effects you can add! It can be done on the IPhone but editing is much easier on the IPad or a laptop computer.

Always carrying a camera is like buying a 24/7 lottery ticket, it can pay big bucks at any second! Being in the right place at the right time and capturing video pays! Media giants are waiting to write you a generous check for anything newsworthy.

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