Marilyn Monroe’s Final Purchase Shows She Was NOT About To Commit Suicide, Claims Psychologist

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A check signed by Marilyn Monroe the day before her death proves she was not planning to kill herself, according to a forensic psychologist.

The actress used the check, which is now being auctioned off, to purchase a white chest of drawers worth $228.80 from Pilgrim’s Furniture, an act Harvard-trained Dr S. David Bernstein believes is inconsistent with someone contemplating suicide.

Dr Bernstein said people about to take their own lives often engage in shopping sprees, but the fact all Ms Monroe bought was the chest of drawers suggests she was planning to be around to use it.

‘What my thoughts are is that this purchase wouldn’t be consistent with planning to kill yourself,’ he told MailOnline.

‘A chest of drawers is a very personal item, and fairly low cost, and that is indicative that she was making plans for herself in the future.’

The historic check, dated August 4, 1962, is among a collection of 15 items being sold by Heritage Auctions to commemorate Marilyn Monroe, 50 years after her untimely death.

Ms Monroe’s death was ruled a probable suicide.

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