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by Jeff Berwick: Don’t
Seek Education, SeekKnowledge



Oh, how I hate
the Fourth of July.  And Canada Day… and Dia de la Revolucion
in Mexico.  And any other day celebrating a nation state.

What an absolutely
ridiculous concept, to celebrate your own enslavement.

As in most
countries, the date chosen to celebrate your enslavement is usually
the date when the nation state was founded or when it freed itself
from the enslavement of another nation-state.  In the case
of the US, it broke free from the tyrannical rule of England in
favor of a more local tyrannical rule.

now, Barack
Obomba cowtows and proudly extends his video greetings to the UK
royal family
from which the US seceded, talking about what a
“special relationship” the US and the UK have.  Not only does
he seem to harbor no ill will for all the terrorist attacks done
by the UK in the US during the times of succession, but he even
seems to have put aside any resentment for the torture of his grandfather
by the English under the rule of the very same Queen to which he
now loves so deeply.

In 1949, according
to writings from his bizarre and mostly delusional, Dreams From
My Father, who he never knew or met (mostly because his mother
was a slut extraordinaire and an amateur porn star – see
naked photos of her here
), he says his paternal grandfather
Hussein Onyango Obama, who served as a cook in the British Army,
was imprisoned in 1949 by the British for helping the anti-colonial
Mau Mau rebels and held for several months.  During that time,
according to Sarah Obama, they would sometimes squeeze his testicles
with metal rods. They also pierced his nails and buttocks with a
sharp pin, with his hands and legs tied together. He was lucky to
survive, she said.

Barack can let bygones be bygones as he makes no mention of that
to the Queen!  That may be, however, because it
was all made up lies

Anyway, the
Prince of Peace now oversees torture and the killing of thousands
of innocents worldwide, so he may not want to bring that up too
much although he certainly would never resort to squeezing testicles
with metal rods!  That’s barbaric.  Now he hangs people
upside down and creates the sensation that they are drowning repeatedly.
 It’s a much more civilized way of torture… probably another
reason he won the Nobel Peace Prize.


Luckily I was
no where near a TV for the entire day of July 4th so I missed most
of the action.  I know what it entails as I’ve seen it countless
times before.  Slaves lathering themselves into a frenzy at
sporting events when some nameless troop walks out as they sing
the national anthem to celebrate all the glorious and beautiful
bombs bursting in air from a fight they had nothing to do with but
take special pride in for some unknown reason.

But, a TDV
subscriber ruined my day and forwarded me a “July 4th Chain Email”
which was making the rounds asking all “proud Americans” to pass
it along and give thanks for living in the freest country in the
world.  Cough.  Gag.  And that god should bless the
murderers on welfare… the troops, for protecting those freedoms
by taking $1 of every $15 produced in the US each year and paying
for them to go off and murder people on the other side of the world.
 Better they murder people over there than have them murder
people here the saying goes, I think.

The word patriotism
is thick in the air on days like this.  But a better word for
it is patriautism.

is defined by as “a person who loves, supports, and
defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.” and
autism is defined by Wikipedia as being “a disorder of neural development
characterized by impaired social interaction and communication,
and by restricted and repetitive behavior.” 

Putting the
two together, patriautism can be defined as “a disorder of neural
development characterized by a love and defense of your slaveowner
or captor often including repetitive behavior such as repeatedly
stating that their country is the freest country on Earth despite
all evidence to the contrary”.

It’s sort of
a Stockholm Syndrome with flag waving.

Although there
is no known cure, there are instances of people who have recovered.
 Those who have recovered made mention that it was fairly soon
after going to websites such as,, Freedomain


I shouldn’t
pick on Americans too much here.

Almost every
country on Earth has the same patriautism disorder.  Canada,
America’s freezer, is even worse than the US now.  The Canadian
dollar, which had lingered at about $0.55 to the US dollar for decades
recently surpassed the US dollar, turning Canadians from funny people
who joked about themselves in the days of Bob
& Doug Mackenzie
to furiously proud Canadians who are adamant
they live in the best country on Earth!  They’ve even begun
expanding their military empire worldwide
to spread the virtues
of ice hockey, insane taxes and “free” medical care through bombs
from above.  They’re still working out the kinks in Libya.

Even in Mexico
many people proudly fire (illegal) guns in the air on Revolution
Day to celebrate the courage of the people in 1910 which overthrew
dictator José de la Cruz Porfirio Díaz Mori.  I
ask them, “When’s the next revolution?” which is often met, like
in the US, with blank stares.

The thing that
no one seems to get is this.  If everyone who is born in a
country just happens to think their country is the best… then
everyone else, outside of their country, must be wrong if they are
right.  What a coincidence that everyone born in a country
thinks their country is the best!  If I ever meet an American
who is celebrating Gabon Day on August 17 with some sparklers and
a Gabon flag on his porch because he really feels that Gabon is
the best country on Earth then I might actually stop and listen
to why he thinks that.

If he’s got
an American flag and some stupid bumper sticker about the US being
#1 then he’s just got patriautism.

IS SO 2012

The thing that
most people are completely missing is that a massive paradigm shift
is already in progress.  Nation states are dinosaurs on their
way out.  Think about it.

Humanity started
as tribes which were mostly a big family.  Over time, as population
grew they began to associate on the basis of religion or through
feudal overseers… Kings and Queens… some of whom still exist
today as embarrassing artifacts.  Then, as people realized
it was ridiculous to worship or work for royalty a new idea developed…
democracy!  It sounded great.  We, the people, could rule

This has been
proven completely wrong now.  But, because of never before
imagined wealth and prosperity due to free market innovations over
the last century it is changing the political landscape.

In the olden
days of the 20th century people were mostly still homogenous in
a certain geographic region.  This made nation states make
sense somewhat.  Mexicans were all descendants of the Aztecs
and Mayans.  The Thais were all Thais.

No more.  Thanks
to air travel, the internet, mobile phones, bank machines and countless
other conveniences we can now live almost anywhere… only limited
somewhat by the imaginary borders of the dying nation states.  And
so the Great Migration has begun.  There are more Chinese in
Vancouver than Anglophones.  Many places in Mexico are becoming
overrun by Americans and Russians fleeing their countries.  Mexicans
are fleeing the US in record numbers
.  And Europe is and
will be mostly Muslim in the coming years as Africa and the Middle
East migrate North.

It’s an interesting
time.  Most of Africa would like to move to the US for its
perceived security and opportunity.  Most of the US would like
to move to Asia for the opportunities or to Latin America for the
lifestyle.  And many in Asia are migrating all over the world
to places like Chile, Paraguay, Canada and many more.

It’s geographical
musical chairs.  You won’t even recognize the world twenty
years from now.  And that just goes to point out the stupidity
of Patriautism.

Humanity is
in motion and to think that the people who grew up around you are
your countrymen is ignorant.  I grew up in Canada and I can
assure you I had nothing in common with almost anyone there but
I find that the people in the area where I live in Mexico are much
more aligned with my idea of what is correct in life… and many
are moving down to
Acapulco to join me
 as I spread the word!

Many people
think we are headed for another World War but I don’t think so.
 You think Chinese, Black, Muslim and White people who live
in the geographic region known as the US are going to go off and
fight Chinese, Black, Muslim and White people from another geographic
region?  Thanks to modernity and technology, war is obsolete…
governments are obsolete… and with it, patriautism is already
so 2012.

Your Gold Out of Dodge” is available here
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you’ve ever spent. Reprinted
with permission from The
Dollar Vigilante

Berwick [send him mail]
is an anarcho-capitalist freedom fighter and Chief Editor of the
libertarian, Austrian economics grounded newsletter, The
Dollar Vigilante
. The Dollar Vigilante focuses on strategies,
investments and expatriation opportunities to survive & prosper
during and after the US dollar collapse.

Best of Jeff Berwick

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