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The only way to shatter the illusion of consent – the keystone of majority-rule “democratic” tyranny – is by making it obvious to nearly everyone that the Fuhrer (oops, “president”) has been selected by, at most, a minority of the voting population. That in addition to being a cretinous philosophy as such (i.e., mob rule) “democracy” is also a lie at its most basic level.

Because the majority doesn’t rule.

Consider: In a modern presidential selection, only about 50-something percent of the people eligible to vote actually do vote – thus, the “winner” is the one who gets appx. 26 percent or so of the 50 percent. In other words, a quarter of the voters determine who is selected Duce (excuse me, “president”).

For example, in the 2000 presidential selection, The Chimp received 50,456,002 votes. His WWF-style opponent, Captain Planet, received 50,999,897 (see here for more). Even though Captain Planet received 48.4 percent of the so-called “popular vote,” he lost the selection to The Chimp – who received 47.9 percent. But the key thing is that neither won anything close to a majority of the votes of the eligible voters.

In the 2000 race, the voting age population was 205,815,000. Go back a sentence or two and re-read the actual turnout numbers. Combine The Chimp and Captain Planet’s tallies. You get 101,455,899 . There is some dispute about the “fine print” – for example, The American Presidency Project claims 105,586,274 cast ballots in the 2000 presidential selection (see here). But the essential point remains: The American Caudillo (oh, yes, excuse me … the “president”) was selected by about 50 million Americans – about a quarter of the eligible pool of voters.

So much for mob/majority rule.

We in fact have minority rule in this “democracy.” Have had it, for decades.

Many people are unaware of this fact – which is carefully camouflaged by the MSM. Because the MSM – and the PTB behind the MSM – know very well that their gooses will be thoroughly cooked if the scam ever becomes common knowledge. Even the dullest of Clovers still buys into the “majority rule” essence of democracy. He feels he is “represented” – and that the government operates with the “consent of the governed.” This confers legitimacy on the government in the Clover mind.

Once you peel away the curtain of consent, it’s over.

But it won’t be over so long as enough people continue to play along.

Imagine if enough people did not play along.

If enough people simply stopped being useful idiots. If the number of people voting dropped below 40 percent – or even less. The “winner” thus selected by 15-20 percent of the country would be as obviously illegitimate as the “winner” of a selection in Uganda. It would be damn hard to maintain the illusion of “consent of the governed” – the shaky foundation upon which rests the entire rickety, corrupt and despicable edifice “democracy.”

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