The Rise of the Anarcho-Hippie?

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by Jeff Berwick: Let
Go, Live Free



Hello from
Boston, Massachusetts,

I spent the
last week in what I call the free-er state (for more on the Free
State Project, click here
), New Hampshire at PorcFest.
 I say free-er because while thousands of people have moved
there and have tried to live completely free the evidence of the
criminal state is still all around.

As case in
point, in the days preceding PorcFest it was announced that there
will be no alcohol sales allowed on the grounds due to local laws.
 At a freedom festival.  The irony of it all gave me shivers.
 But, to the credit of the attendees almost everyone brought
a cooler with them.  But, evidence of the state was still all
around.  As we pulled out from a restaurant in Lancaster a
police SUV sat across the street.  Friend, and TDV Correspondent,
Pete Kofod, came to a complete stop at the stop sign as we all peered
at the criminals… and they peered right back, trying to gauge
if perhaps we had more than two glasses of wine and could put us
in a prison camp.

That aside,
I’m very happy I went.  I can’t even mention all the amazing
people who were there… but I’ll try.  Stefan
, Adam
, Bob
, Bill Bupert,
, Mike
, Stephanie
, Brett
T. Party
, Seth
, Gary
, Megan Duffield and Pasha Roberts of the Silver
movie, dozens more and almost countless TDV and Anarchast
subscribers, readers and listeners!  Many of the above mentioned
I interviewed on Anarchast (subscribe to Anarchast’s YouTube
, Facebook
or mailing
list here
) and will be releasing in the coming days. And, of
course, all the people who organized the event including Carla
 and many more.  There were so many sound,
principled and non-aggressive people there that I was surprised
the Guvmint didn’t false flag us all.  But then I realized
that wouldn’t work… because many people would be happy if we all
were gone. Not scared… which is always the point of false
flag events

But the event,
full of mostly drunk, high anarchists, many of whom were armed with
all manners of weapons went off without any violence or theft.  Imagine


But, more than
meeting and seeing so many great people, here’s why it is good to
attend events like these and see things with your own eyes.  Somewhat
like Charles Darwin, I discovered an entirely new species in New
Hampshire… the anarcho-hippie!

Every night
at PorcFest there is a bonfire and a certain subclass of anarchists
seemed to gravitate to it like moths with their bongo drums, marijuana
and hackey sacks… it’s the anarcho-hippie!  I didn’t even
know they existed much less having seen them in the wild but as
I walked around the campground and saw many lying on the grass,
peering up at the sky in deep thought with the crumbs of pot brownies
bespeckling the corners of their mouthes I realized what was going
on.  The anarchist/freedom movement is now attracting many
from the left!

Hippies have
long been a mainstay of the left culture but their philosophy made
no sense.  They mostly believe in doing any drugs they want,
listening to music, dancing, rarely do anything very productive
and are known for being quite empathetic and have an interest in
the well being of others.  However, hippies of the past had
a massive gaping hole in their logic when they would say that people
should be taken care of… by stealing, extorting and violently
aggressing on the property of other people!  Some seem, now,
to have realized this and have seen the light and now are soundly
principled and don’t want to do much productive, do drugs, listen
to music, dance and realize the best way to help others is by stopping
aggressing against people… and have even realized that the government
and the central banks are the cause of poverty,
not the cure.

To that, I
say, welcome aboard anarcho-hippies!  Smoke, drink and dance
all you want… if that’s what makes you happy.  As long as
you don’t aggress on others it’s all good with me!  I’ve gained
a new perspective on drum circles thanks to you!  And did enough
weed to last me for a year!


Speaking of
anarcho-hippies, myself and a well known editor of a popular libertarian
financial website found ourselves in the sights of a fairly
attractive, and very stoned, anarcho-hippie around the campfire
around 3am on Friday evening.

She told us…
well, my friend actually, that something about his aura had attracted
her over to talk with us.  She went on to talk about crystals,
peace, love and energy, man.  She then went on to say that
she is an agorist.  For those who don’t know what that means,
it is a person who attempts to live and transact completely in the
free market… which governments call the “black market” so it sounds
scary so you don’t do it.  But it just means not caring what
the criminals in government say, not paying taxes and not caring
about licenses or permissions to work.  She then stated that
she is “Dr. Feelgood”… she sells “drugs”.  

However, here
is where it gets strange!  She then tells us she can sell us
anything we want.  Being 3am and drunk, that sounded like a
fantastic offer so we asked her what she had.  She started
naming incredibly complicated sounding chemical compounds and things
like “diphenhydramine”, “dextromethorphan” and other things that
I can’t even remember, the names were so long.

She even had
some “home made LSD” that she made from some chemicals in her bathroom,
she told us.  I passed on that… my friend partook with her.
 He missed his publishing date on Saturday leading me to believe
his trip lasted longer than expected!

But, I was
confused.  ”What kind of hippie are you?” I said!  ”Don’t
you at least have some weed?”  She responded that she did…
but it was “synthetic
“.  In other words it was herbs sprayed with chemicals
which supposedly mimic the effects of marijuana.  She said
she offers all those things because they are legal because she is
scared if she sells one of the hundreds of illegal healthy plants
and flowers that she’ll be kidnapped and put in a cage… not to
mentioned, every single year, guaranteed, you will be mugged for
half the income you make.

So, there you
have it.  Now you know why bath salts exist and why people
have begun to start eating people’s faces.  Another big win
for the War on People… err, Drugs.  And, what is the solution
to this travesty?  Let’s get the government
to ban bath salts
!  That should fix everything.


After discovering
other species and having a lot of fun in New Hampshire I went to
Boston.  I’d never actually been to NH nor Boston so the trip
was also enjoyable from the perspective of seeing new things.

Nearly every
hotel was full… and most ran from $250-$550/night!  All the
bars and restaurants were full.  I commented to Pete Kofod
that it looks like there is a lot of money in this city.  He
responded, “It’s one of the oldest cities in America… so that
means they have had even more time to build up wealth than other

I enjoyed what
I saw of Boston.  It’s a neat city.  I love the accent.
 And the layout is really nice around the bay/wharf area.  I
think if I was forced to live in the USSA, god forbid, it’d be high
on my list along with Miami (the latin vibe and wonderful nightlife)
and Vegas (24 hour city with great poker action).  But, it
is far too dangerous to live in the US at this point in time.  You
could be kidnapped and beaten almost anywhere… especially for
someone who can’t bite his tongue when surrounded by criminals (cops).

So, I headed
to the airport and had some fabulous clam chowder, as you would
expect and then prepared for the TSA.

They had the
x-ray naked scanner radiation bath machine and so I said, “I’m not
going through that thing.”  The woman look perturbed and said,
“Oh, ok, so you want da patdown” in a strong Bostonian accent.  I
said to her, “No, I don’t.”

Her vapid,
blank scare might as well have said “Does Not Compute” across her
forehead.  She stood stunned for a moment.  ”Okay, so
you want the x-ray machine?” she asked.  I responded in the
negative.  She stammered a bit again.  ”So, you want the
patdown?” she asked.  I quickly responded, “no” yet again.
 Her eyes started to cross.  I am almost certain this
conversation could have gone on for days if I didn’t intervene.
 I know because I have this convo every time I go through.
 I said to her, “You see, I don’t want either.”

She still looked
incredibly confused… so I had to spell it out for her, “But, if
you are forcing me to pick one, I guess I’ll take the date rape”.

Finally some
semblance of normality returned to her face.  Ah, yes, force!
 That’s something she knows about.  She happily sent me
through for my patdown and soon after I got very close with
a nice man with soft hands named Steve.

Luckily for
me I was in Boston and not at JFK in New York today though where
one of the TSA zombies didn’t notice that the
metal detector wasn’t working for a number of hours
.  You
know, the thing that blinks green or red whenever someone goes through?
 Ya, it didn’t do anything for hours but he didn’t seem to
notice.  Just the thought of all the box cutters that could
have gotten through during those hours whipped everyone into a frenzy
and they decided it is just best if they evacuate the entire terminal
causing massive delays and problems.

It irritated
some slaves but I calmly read through the news article waiting for
the super slaves and their mantra.  It was only half way through
the New York Post article when useful idiot, Jason Bailey,
stated, “It’s a big inconvenience, but it’s better safe than sorry."

“Better safe
than sorry.”  I cringe everytime I hear that.  I’d rather
be sorry than safe at this point!  I don’t know how much I
want to live in Jason Bailey’s kind of world anyway.

As I write
this I just noticed a news
stating that a bill is in Congress right now which will
put TSA in charge of screening all mass transit.
 Get ready for your morning grope on the subway.  Better
safe than sorry, right!

The way it
is going, South Park’s hilarious take on the TSA with, “Mind
If I Touch Your Balls, Sir?
” will be coming soon to a toilet
near you!

But don’t worry,
the sociopaths in government are working hard to make air travel
much easier according to, “‘Checkpoint
of the future’ takes shape at Texas airport
”  They plan
to introduce iris scanners and fingerprinting for domestic travel
to “speed things up”.  The nazis would be jealous.  They
are speeding things up… but I don’t think many people are really
going to like where we are going.

If I lived
in the US I wouldn’t be walking, I’d be running to at least get
a second passport
at this point.

Your Gold Out of Dodge” is available here
.  It is free
to TDV and TDV
Golden Trader
subscribers or for a one-time price of $44.95
USD.  It may be the best use of your fiat Federal Reserve Notes
you’ve ever spent. Reprinted
with permission from The
Dollar Vigilante

Berwick [send him mail]
is an anarcho-capitalist freedom fighter and Chief Editor of the
libertarian, Austrian economics grounded newsletter, The
Dollar Vigilante
. The Dollar Vigilante focuses on strategies,
investments and expatriation opportunities to survive & prosper
during and after the US dollar collapse.

Best of Jeff Berwick

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