Why Are We Obsessed With Zombies?

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Coming soon…a Zombie Apocalypse…

You must be getting tired of hearing us talk about zombies. And maybe we are getting a little obsessed by them. But we see them all around us. And they’re getting bold…brazen. They’re coming out in broad daylight.

Here’s an article that appeared last week in The Wall Street Journal:

The recipient of the Obama administration’s biggest loan guarantee for solar energy won federal money after an intense push in early 2011 that included hiring a former chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden to lobby the administration, according to federal records and people involved in the approval process.

The lobbying blitz came as the $1.6 billion loan to BrightSource Energy Inc. – a centerpiece of the administration’s program to promote nascent green-energy projects – faced a do-or-die moment, and the company called on its Democratic connections to help push the deal forward, according to emails, records and those familiar with the loan.

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